Hualong One Reactor In Pakistan Completes Hot Functional Testing

The K-2 Unit of Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, the first overseas unit using Hualong One technology, successfully completed its hot functional testing, the China National Nuclear Corporation announced on September 4.

Karachi Crew In Pakistan

The HFTs marked the successful conclusion of the thermal performance test of the K-2 Unit, and "have laid a solid foundation for major processes such as nuclear fuel loading and grid-connected power generation," the company said. 

At present, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) has six Hualong One nuclear power units under construction at in China and abroad. "The construction projects are in a well-controlled state," CNNC said.

On Aug 31, the outer containment dome of the K-3 Unit of Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan, which is one of the overseas units using Hualong One technology, was successfully hoisted in place. The main structure of the nuclear power plant was also completed.

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