Belarus Unit Has Early Hiccup After Milestone Start

The Republic of Belarus, an eastern-European state with historical ties to Russia, joined the international nuclear-power community with its VVER-1200 reactor synchronized with the grid for the first time on November 3.

stock photoBelarusian officials then confirmed the plant’s shut down in order to replace some electricity measuring equipment. Once that is done, pilot operations will recommence.

Fuel loading at the plant began on August 7. With its connection to the grid, the plant has entered the pilot status of a plant. The power load will be increased under a testing schedule with the plant expected to reach commercial status in the first quarter of 2021.

The Belarus NPP GenIII+ unit was designed and assembled by Rosatom, but the company gave credit to the support provided by Belarusian specialists. The company also said, “no doubt, there is still a lot of work to be done before the unit is put into commercial operation, however, it is already the case to celebrate the success.” The Belarusian plant is the first third-generation nuclear power plant to go online outside of Russia. But the model is also expected to produce electricity in China, Bangladesh, Hungary, Finland, and other countries, the company said, a testament to Rosatom’s expanding global presence.

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