Orano, KEPCO Sign Cooperation Agreement

French nuclear service company Orano has signed a contract with KHNP (Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power) that outlines cooperation in dismantling plant projects, particularly in South Korea and Europe. Orano said this week.

Orano Orano will provide technical assistance and supply skills and training, and South-Korean engineers will be included in the Orano DS teams specialized in dismantling project

The collaboration will give Orano access to the expertise of KHNP engineers, and to its network of providers of nuclear engineering services, particularly in the fields of robotics, process industrialization and quality. 

The agreement also provides for collaboration between both parties in order to carry out joint technical studies. Such studies could cover, for instance, questions related to the automation of some complex processes, the design of intermediate storage units for legacy waste, and the treatment and packaging of the waste generated by the dismantling operations. KepCo

The work will be directed by the Orano and KHNP teams specialized in dismantling, clean-up and waste management.

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