Hanhikivi Unit 1 Moves Forward On Ground And On Paper

While site preparation for Finland’s Hanhikivi Unit 1 project continues, energy company Fennovoima said Monday that it had conditionally accepted design documents for Basic Design Stage One submitted by Russian parts supplier RAOS Project, part of Rosatom Corporation.

Hanhikivi NPP siteFennovoima Chief Executive Officer Joachim Specht said, perhaps an understatement, “This has been a challenging year for everyone.” In spite of this, the project “has made significant progress during 2020. During these six months I’ve been in Fennovoima, it has been a pleasure to note how committed both our and the plant supplier’s has experts are to this project.”

Despite hurdles, Specht said “everything will be ready when constriction starts” in the upcoming months.

The documents accepted from RAOS will soon be submitted to Finnish regulator the Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK) as part of the Preliminary Safety Report (PSAR).

Review of Stage 1 began in 2019. The review has answered questions on nuclear safety, leaving the challenge of designing an “automation architecture that is not yet complete,” said Fennovoima Utility Operations Director Janne Liuko.

The design review has proceeded in two stages, starting with the safety and capacity review. The second stage reviews design integrity and plant operations. The Basic Design Stage 1 will be reviewed in its entirety when Fennovoima receives the remaining PSAR batches from the plant supplier, expected in early 2021. The stage review assesses the power plant's main objectives and which issues still need to be clarified.

Concurrently, the Hanhikivi 1 project is gradually moving from the design phase to the construction phase. In that regard, Fennovoima signed Titan-2 as the lead contractor on a conditional basis. By the end of 2020, Titan-2 had improved its safety culture and contract management. By December, Fennovoima extended the Titan-2 contract for an additional two years.

On the ground, earthmoving is underway. During the late autumn, Lehto Tilat completed the administration building's excavation work and began the foundation work, the company said.


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