Finish Lines Closer At Vogtle Expansion

[UPDATED] From the placement of the two-million-pound roof of the Vogtle 4 shield building to receipt of the first nuclear fuel assemblies for Unit 3, Georgia Power touted a list of construction accomplishments at the Plant Vogtle expansion project.

Vogtle 4There remains but one major crane lift for Unit 4, the CB-20 module that fits into the plant’s passive safety system. For Unit 3, the first fuel assemblies arrived in December while workers prepare for the last major test for the unit, hot functional testing, ahead of initial fuel load.

Cold hydro testing for Unit 3 is done. The test confirmed readiness of the reactor’s coolant system functions and verified the welds, joints, pipes and other workaday components of the cooling system. Tests established the basic safety mandate that the cooling components do not leak under pressure. 

An emergency preparedness drill was conducted for Units 3 and 4 based on the hypothetical event occurring at Unit 3. The drill went well. In addition, 62 Unit 3 and 4 operators have received licenses from the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, assuring team preparedness for plant operations.

For Unit 3, the final module has been placed – a water tank that sits atop the containment vessel and shield building (module CB-20). It will hold approximately 750,000 gallons of water “in the unlikely event of an emergency” to the unit, the company said. In addition, open vessel testing for Unit 3 has also been completed.

Four Unit 4, all the major lifts inside the containment vessel have been accomplished.

Overall, 7,000 workers remain on site and more than 800 permanent jobs are expected to keep the plants in going once they reach commercial operating status. 

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    Congratulations and keep up the good work...nuclear power is critical for the survival and protection of our countries energy needs