Ship With Two Equipment Batches Heads For India

A new power plant equipment tranche departed Russia on December 29, 2020 with equipment headed for the Kudankulam NPP,. Rosatom announced.
Kudankulam NPPIt is the twenty-second and twenty-third batches of equipment starting the journey to India and the largest batch by volume. Rosatom said "this shipment of unprecedented volume - 9503 m3 - includes the equipment indented for Kudankulam NPP Units 3 and 4."
Long manufacture cycle equipment for Unit 3 includes load and service trolleys that are parts of the polar crane; equipment for Unit 4 includes transportation lock; equipment intended for both Units includes heat exchangers and locks, air systems of passive heat removal system (PHRS) and fuel pond racks. Among other equipment for both Units are pumps, valves, tanks, pipelines, metal doors, electrical connection modules, filters, evaporation plant equipment, low voltage complete devices cabinets.
Without weather changes, the estimated time of arrival in India is the third week of January 2021.
“The year was not an easy one, however, we never stopped working and it allowed us finishing the loading in accordance with the schedule. In December there is usually a shortage of marine vessels of the required tonnage, the Customer provided one large vessel and both of the equipment [batches] had to be loaded on one ship”, said Vladimir Angelov, Director for projects in India of ASE.

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