Kakrapar Unit 3 Connected To Grid

Ten years following the first concrete pour for Kakrapar Unit 3, the reactor approved in April 2007 has been connected to the grid in India, the Department of Atomic Energy said.

Kakrapar NPPAn additional 15 KAPP-3 built with national technology are expected to follow in the unit’s wake. First criticality at Unit 3 was first achieved in July 2020, Nuclear Engineering International said.

The plant’s first two units, Kakrapar 1 and 2, are 220MWe pressurized heavy water reactors, while Kakrapar 3 and 4, still under construction, are 700MWe PHWRs.

Plans for four 700MWe reactors were approved in April 2007. These included Kakrapar 3 and 4 and Rajasthan 7 and 8. Funding was approved by the end of 2009.

India has, since, continued planning to add significantly to its nuclear power fleet. The Department of Atomic Energy said in early 2019 that 21 new power plants, including 10 PHWR units were to be commissioned adding a total of 15,700MW to the grid by 2031.

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