NRC To Review Westinghouse Doped Pellet Report

[UPDATED] After deliveries to more than 25 regions across Europe, the Advanced Doped Pellet Technology doped pellets are one step closer to U.S. commercialization, Westinghouse announced this week.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has informed Westinghouse of their acceptance to review Topical Report WCAP-18482-P/WCAP-18482-NP, Revision 0, “Westinghouse Advanced Doped Pellet Technology (ADOPTTM) Fuel.” The report was originally submitted to the NRC in May 2020, and a draft safety evaluation is expected in summer 2021.

This milestone is a major achievement for the advanced fuel portfolio Westinghouse is developing as part of our EnCore® fuel program. ADOPT fuel, among other innovative products, provides higher density fuel and added energy, in supporting higher fuel burnups through increased enrichments.

“ADOPT fuel offers significant enhancements to a plant’s current fuel performance, we well as increased flexibility for long-term operations,” said Jeff Bradfute, vice president of Americas Fuel Delivery. “We’re excited to continue to make advancements towards offering this solution to our U.S. customers and supporting their near- and long-term operational goals.”

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