First HRP1000 Unit Achieves Commercial Status

Unit 5 of China's Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant, the world's first demonstration project to adopt China's indigenous Generation III nuclear power technology Hualong One, also known as HPR1000, was put into commercial operation, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) announced on January 30.

Fuqing Unit 5The success marks China as the fourth country to master its indigenous Generation III nuclear power technology,  which follows the United States  France, and Russia.

Hualong One is CNNC's Generation III nuclear power technology with completely independent intellectual property rights, developed and designed by the corporation. CNNC said the technology was the basis of more than 30 years of nuclear power research, design, manufacturing, construction, and operation experiences.

CNNC now plans to accelerate the progress of mass constructing Hualong One reactors and developing new series technologies in a bid to promote the Hualong One to export, said Yu Jianfeng, chairman of CNNC.

The Hualong One reactor has a design life of 60 years. It adopts a 177-reactor core design that refueling the fuel every 18 months. It innovatively uses a combination of “active and passive” safety systems and a double-shell containment, which meets the latest international nuclear safety requirements.

The installed capacity of each Hualong One unit reaches nearly 1200 MWe, and each unit is projected to generate nearly 10 billion kWh of electricity annually, meeting the demand of 1 million population based on the needs of a moderately developed country.

The electricity generated by a Hualong One unit is equivalent to reducing the consumption of 3.12 million tons of standard coal and emission of 8.16 million tons of carbon dioxide annually, as well as an equivalent to planting over 70 million trees annually, CNNC said.

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  • Anonymous

    "...completely independent intellectual property rights, developed and designed by the corporation." Bull****; stolen design from the APR-1000

  • You can thank Westinghouse for selling this technology to China 13 years ago.

  • Anonymous

    I would compare China Gen III design to the Gen III designed by Duke and consortium members. Laughable to say “completely independent” IP rights. Greed trumped security.