License Granted For BREST Lead-Cooled Reactor Build

Russian’s nuclear supervisor Rostechnadzor announced that its chairman, Alexey Aleshin, on February 10, signed a license for Siberian Chemical Combine to construct the world’s first experimental demonstration power plant with a lead-cooled fast neutron reactor.

BREST-OD-300The approval came after extensive delays. The license was first expected in December of 2019. It was postponed for June 2020, but that date also came and passed by with no license issued.

The BREST-OD-300 project is considered a key element of the pilot demonstration power complex that will also include a fabrication/refabrication processing facility for mixed nitride uranium/plutonium nuclear fuel. This will create a complex that not only produces electricity, but also creates new fuel from partially spent fuel removed from the reactor core.

“The complex will enable the creation of a closed, on-site nuclear fuel cycle,” Rostechnadzor said.

The regulatory agency said that the breakthrough project required development of new standards, rules and regulations to account for the specifics of the project. “Requirements for design and safe operation of the reactor unit vessel, equipment and pipelines of a nuclear installation with a lead coolant,” required 16 new standards approved and put into effect, the agency said.

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