Bruce Power Celebrates Refurbishing Record

It was just over a year ago, Bruce Power said Wednesday, that the curtain was raised on its Major Component Replacement Project with the start of its Unit 6 refurbishment.

Bruce PowerIn retrospect, with a global pandemic just underway, it was a year of unprecedented challenges, Nonetheless, despite a two-month delay, Canada’s only private sector nuclear generator is on track with the Unit 6 project, the company said.

Progress in this difficult year included the successful removal of 50,000 feet of feeder tube from the vault and the event-free removal of the lower feeders – a first in CANDU refurbishments.

The progress not only marks success at the plant, but reflects and defines success within the nuclear industry supply chain. "The collective effort by Bruce Power workers and the skilled trades has allowed the first phase of MCR to stay on track, despite a two-month delay when COVID-19 arrived in North America," the company said, noting, "the support of supply chain partners, is also celebrating the completion of manufactured components for the Unit 6 MCR."

“Having the components on time sets us up very well to complete several major milestones on the Unit 6 refurbishment in 2021,” said Chief Executive Officer and President Mike Rencheck “We’re grateful to these companies for helping to put us in a position to stay on schedule. We’re committed to helping bring an end to COVID-19, and to continue working towards a clean energy future. It’s an exciting time for nuclear.”

Rencheck acknowledged several supply chain companies for their efforts in completing the manufacturing of reactor components for the Unit 6 MCR, including Laker Energy/BWXT, Cameco, Nu-tech, Brotech, BCI, and Niagara Energy.

The company also said it had provided 2.5 million pieces of personal protective equipment (PPE), nearly $1 million in aid to researchers and food banks, and another $1 million through the Be a Light: Beating COVID-19 Together campaign. In addition, a pair of successful Cobalt-60 harvests supported the production of medical isotopes to sterilize 24 billion gloves and swabs for COVID-19 treatment.

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