Kola NPP Plans For Hydrogen And Kola II

Rosenergoatom, the operations division of Rosatom subsidiary Atomenergoprom, said that the Kola Nuclear Power Plant had been selected for hydrogen production and that construction of a new on-site reactor would begin in 2028.

Kola NPP“The Kola NPP has been selected as a pilot site for the creation of a bench complex for the production and handling of hydrogen, said the Director of the enterprise Vasily Omelchuk during a press conference on June 18.”

The plant was selected for the pilot production program in part because of the excess of generated energy at the plant, the company said. In addition, availability of necessary infrastructure, cost and prior experience with small quantity hydrogen production were also factors.

The plan is to ramp up to industrial scale. A complex with electrolysis plants with a capacity of 1 MW is expected to be operational by 2023 with a ramp up to 10 MW in the future. “If the technology works, then it will be developed throughout the Russian Federation,” said Omelchuk.

Meanwhile, it was announced construction for Kola Phase II is expected to start in 2028 with the commissioning of the first new reactor planned for 2034.

Omelchuk said “the service life of the current power units at the Kola NPP ends in 2033 and 2034. It is assumed that the Kola II will be a two-unit facility with two innovative 600 MWe VVER-type power units, each with spectral regulation and high safety indicators.”

Kola II has been planned since the end of the last century, he said. At that point, a construction site and preliminary surveys were completed.

Kola NPP is located in a far-northern outpost of northwestern Russia and services industrial and residential customers. Kola I Units 1-4 were commissioned, respectively, in 1973, 1975, 1982 and 1984.

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