Westinghouse, Energoatom Teaming Up

Ukraiine's Energoatom announced a new cooperative agreement with re-focused Westinghouse Electric intending to advance the development of new nuclear units at existing Ukrainian power plant sites.

Energoatom WestinghouseEnergoatom said it flatly declared the AP1000 technology as efficient to construct, resulting in "the highest level of safety," they could find. "The use of American AP1000 technology (3rd generation two-circuit pressurized water reactor with a total capacity of approximately 1100 MW, the design of which has a reduced number of components, while standardization and licensing of this type of reactor helps reduce construction time and cost), is considered one of the best in the world. This will allow Energoatom to ensure the highest level of safety, reliable nuclear generation, innovation and care for the environment in the long run," the state-owned nuclear operator said.

The parties agreed to set up a joint working group to take specific steps on a wide range of cooperation issues. Among other things, Energoatom will initiate the development of draft bilateral documents and measures to deepen Ukrainian-American cooperation in the field of nuclear energy with the support of Westinghouse Electric Company.

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  • Anonymous

    I do not have comment, except wish them best of luck. I  hope it can work like they in China to build Sanman & Hying  Nuclear power plant.