Hongyanhe 5 Reaches Commercial Status

China General Nuclear said on August 1 that the first Phase II Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant reactor in the Liaoning Province in eastern China – Unit 5 overall – had passed its operational milestones to enter into commercial operating status.

CGNCGN said it was waiting for permits to come through, but Unit 5 was ready to initiate its steady-state operational phase.

Unit 5 and 6 (which is now undergoing hot functional tests) are ACPR-1000 reactors that underwent 36 separate safety improvements to adhere to post Fukushima Dai-ichi accident standards. These improvements include additional cooling water supplies, including high-level supplies, and modular emergency power supplies, reported Nuclear Engineering International.

The Hongyanke plant has seen remarkable growth in a short span. Construction at the site began in August 2009. Phase I, consisting of four CPR-1000 pressurized water reactors, was completed in 2016, mathematically coming out to a rate of a new unit every 1.75 years. Construction on the two units of Phase II began in 2015, with construction dropping to a still impressive rate of a two new unit completed in six years. 

The plant is owned and operated by Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Company, a joint venture between CGN and State Power Investment Corporation. Each partner owns 45 percent of the plant, while Dalian Municipal Construction owns 10 percent.

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