Hyundai Engineering To Push AP1000 Development

Westinghouse Electric Company said Thursday it had combined forced with Hyundai Engineering & Construction (E&C) to jointly participate in global development of AP1000 power plant opportunities.

AP1000The signing ceremony at Hyundai E&C headquarters was led by Yoon Young-Joon, President and CEO of Hyundai E&C, and David Durham, President of Westinghouse Energy Systems, along with officials from both companies.

Yoon Young-Joon, CEO of Hyundai E&C said, "The Strategic Cooperation agreement enables Hyundai E&C to have an opportunity to demonstrate our exceptional engineering, procurement and construction capabilities applied to Westinghouse's AP1000 plant. Also, Hyundai’s presence in the green energy sector is expected to grow by jointly participating in the global conventional nuclear power plant projects led by Westinghouse.”

"Westinghouse’s proven AP1000® technology leads the industry in safety and operational performance; we look forward to collaborating with Hyundai E&C, a global EPC leader, on future AP1000 plant projects to jointly help countries achieve their decarbonization and energy security objectives," said David Durham, President, Westinghouse Energy Systems.

There are currently four Westinghouse-designed  AP1000 reactors in operation, all of them in China. Two are located at the Sanmen Nuclear Power Station and two at the Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant. An additional two are under construction in Georgia at the Vogtle Eletric Generating Plant. The first AP1000 reactor in Georgia (Unit 3 at the plant) is expected to be completed sometime this year.

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  • Anonymous

    Two AP-1000 units are currently owned by a State owned utility in SC that is just letting them rust away! Please come on over and take them away from this incompetent group and finish them! Please!