Kakrapar Unit 4 Start Is Delayed

News agency Reuters reported this week that a government memo in India claims construction of Unit 4 at the Kakrapar power plant in the state of Gujarat near the country’s western coast is more than a year behind schedule.

Kakrapar NPPIt had been expected that the plant would begin commercial operations late this year following the start of Unit 3 in 2021. However, the government memo said construction of the 700 MWe reactor (Unit 4) would be completed in March 2024. The memo was dated May 32, written by Bhuwan Chandra Pathak, the chairman of the state run Nuclear Power Corporation of India (the NPCIL).

The Kakrapar plant project is divided in two. Phase I included two 220 MW capacity Indian Pressurized Heavy Water Reactors (IPHWR), which began commercial operations in May 1993 and September 1995, respectively. Construction for Phase II, consisting of two 700 MWe IPHWR, was begun in November 2010 with Unit 3 beginning commercial operations in January 2021.

Nuclear power makes up about 3 percent of India’s electricity generation.

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