Holtec Advances SMR Development In Czech Republic

Holtec International said Wednesday they had signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Škoda Praha and Hyundai Engineering and Construction (HDEC) to advance the planning for construction of SMR-160s in the Czech Republic.  

Holtec plant modelUnder the agreement, the parties will develop the division of responsibilities for procurement, construction, and commissioning of SMR-160 plants in Czech Republic in accordance with Czech Codes and Standards and inclusion of Czech content in the delivery of the projects. The companies will also develop a cost estimate for deployment of the SMR-160 standard design in the Czech Republic.  

This agreement follows an MOU signed between Holtec and the Czech nuclear operator ČEZ last month. Holtec has been working with ČEZ since 2019, supporting their technical and commercial evaluation of SMR-160 for deployment in Czech Republic and a feasibility study performed under an MOU and technical exchange with ÚJV Řež. The MOU with ČEZ was signed last month to enable continued exchange between the parties for evaluation of SMR-160 deployment at Temelin, where ČEZ plans to deploy a pilot SMR as early as 2032.

ČEZ is also evaluating future deployment of SMRs to replace several coal power plants planned for shutdown in the late-2030’s. Deployment of 24/7 clean nuclear power at these sites is important to ensure stability of the Czech electricity grid. 

Holtec and the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic have also been looking at broader applications for SMRs, such as district heating and industrial processes. Holtec has been engaged with electricity intensive consumers in the industrial and transportation sectors in the Czech Republic as future end-users of electricity and process heat produced by SMR-160 plants.

Holtec and Korea’s HDEC signed an agreement last November for completion of the standard design of the SMR-160 plant and delivery of SMR-160 projects worldwide  HDEC brings an exquisite record of performance to Team Holtec having performed the construction of 18 nuclear plants in South Korea and the construction of four APR-1400 units in the United Arab Emirates,

To date, Barakah Units 1-4, been delivered on budget and on schedule. 

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