• Wed, Aug 18 2021

    Fusion Test Yields 10 Quadrillion Watts For An Instant

    Focusing laser light from the National Ignition Facility (NIF) at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, scientists were able to generate, for just 100 trillionths of a second, a blast of energy measured at more than 10 quadrillion watts of fusion power, the laboratory announced last week.
    • Wed, Aug 18 2021

    Akkuyu Unit 4 Pit Construction Has Begun

    Earthmoving preparations for the construction of Unit 4 are underway at the site of Akkuyu NPP, the first nuclear power plant in Turkey. The works are carried out in accordance with the Limited Work Permit (LWP) issued by the Nuclear Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Turkey on June 30, 2021.
    • Wed, Aug 11 2021

    Rooppur Unit 2 Heavy Components Delivered

    The reactor vessel and four steam generators for Unit 2 of Rooppur nuclear power plant have been delivered to Bangladesh, Russian nuclear corporation Rosatom said Tuesday.
    • Wed, Aug 11 2021

    KAERI Develops Zr-89 Production Device

    The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute said this week it had developed a device to produce two pharmaceutical isotopes including Zr-89, which has a half-life of 3.3 days, making it one of the longer-lasting isotopes that extends options for viable cancer diagnosing.
    • Tue, Aug 10 2021

    Oak Ridge Lab Receives EnCore Fuel Rods

    Nuclear services provider Westinghouse said that the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee had received several of its irradiated EnCore nuclear fuel rods for a year of testing that is geared towards supporting the company's efforts to have the "accident-tolerant" fuel become certified by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.
    • Wed, Aug 4 2021

    Taishan 1 Offline For Repairs/Investigation

    China General Nuclear has taken the newly commissioned Taishan Unit 1 offline to study and repair issues involving damaged cladding in about five of its fuel rods, which has raised radiation levels slightly in the reactor’s primary circuit.
    • Wed, Aug 4 2021

    Rooppur 1 Dome Set In Place

    Installation of metal structures for the inner containment dome has been completed in the power unit No. 1 reactor building at the Rooppur NPP construction site in the People's Republic of Bangladesh (PRB) said the project general contractor ASE, the engineering division of Russian nuclear power player Rosatom.
    • Wed, Aug 4 2021

    Hongyanhe 5 Reaches Commercial Status

    China General Nuclear said on August 1 that the first Phase II Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant reactor in the Liaoning Province in eastern China – Unit 5 overall – had passed its operational milestones to enter into commercial operating status.
    • Wed, Jul 28 2021

    Exelon Files Byron And Dresden Decommissioning Plans

    Exelon Generation, owner and operator of the Byron and Dresden nuclear energy facilities, announced Wednesday that it would file Post Shutdown Decommissioning Activity Reports (PSDARs) today with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, detailing long-term site restoration plans for both stations after they shut down this fall.
    • Wed, Jul 28 2021

    Hot Testing Begun For Belarus NPP Unit 2

    Technicians have begun hot functional testing at the Russian-built Unit 2 of the Belarus Nuclear Power Plant, nuclear power giant Rosatom has announced.
    • Wed, Jul 28 2021

    UAMPS Scales Back NuScale SMR Project

    The Utah Associated Municipal Power Systems (UAMPS) said the NuScale small modular reactors project in development for eastern Idaho had been shifted from 12 units to six with each unit now expected to deliver 77MWe rather than 60MWe.
    • Wed, Jul 21 2021

    Time Running Out For Plant Saves, Says Exelon

    Scalding temperatures, including a near-record high for the planet, set this summer in Death Valley, battering storms, forest fires in the west and crumbling ice caps have yet to impress legislatures in Illinois as they have made little progress in pushing for a nuclear power support bill according to a state senator.
    • Wed, Jul 21 2021

    Nuclear Phase Out Linked To Emissions Hike

    A report released by Belgium’s Federal Planning Bureau concludes that the nuclear phase-out passed into law in 2003 and re-affirmed on two occasions (in 2015 and 2018) will cause harmful greenhouse gas emissions to rise.
    • Tue, Jul 20 2021

    Tennessee Embraces Kairos Power's Hermes Reactor

    Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Bob Rolfe and Kairos Power officials announced on July 16 that the privately funded, advanced nuclear engineering company will establish a low-power demonstration reactor in Oak Ridge.
    • Wed, Jul 14 2021

    Construction Of SMR Underway In China

    China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)' said construction of a multi-purpose small modular reactor (SMR) demonstration project had begun at the Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant in South China's Hainan Province.
    • Wed, Jul 14 2021

    Nawah, Westinghouse Sign Support Agreement

    Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation’s JV Operating and Maintenance Subsidiary Nawah and Westinghouse sign five-year support agreement for Barakah Nuclear Energy Plant, the companies said Tuesday.
    • Fri, Jul 9 2021

    BHEL Lands 12-Steam Generator Contract

    India's industrial manufacturer Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited (BHEL) said Friday it had won a major order for the supply of 12 Steam Generators from Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL), a contract valued at about $190 million.
    • Wed, Jul 7 2021

    Cameco, GEH, Global Nuclear Fuel, Sign MOU

    Cameco, GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy (GEH) and Global Nuclear Fuel-Americas (GNF-A) announced on July 7 they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to explore several areas of cooperation to advance the commercialization and deployment of BWRX-300 small modular reactors (SMRs) in Canada and around the world.
    • Wed, Jul 7 2021

    NRC Halts Pursuit Of 40-Year License Extensions

    The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission said in a Facebook feed that it was discontinuing its pursuit of a 40-year license renewal process that would fast track reactors into operations permits that would allow them to remain commercially viable up to 100 years.
    • Fri, Jul 2 2021

    Westinghouse, Energoatom Teaming Up

    Ukraiine's Energoatom announced a new cooperative agreement with re-focused Westinghouse Electric intending to advance the development of new nuclear units at existing Ukrainian power plant sites.
    • Thu, Jul 1 2021

    Construction Starts On Kudankulam NPP 5

    On June 29, an official ceremony was held that was dedicated to the first concrete pouring into the foundation plate of the reactor building for Kudankulam NPP Unit 5 (Republic of India). The concrete pouring commemorated the official commencement of the main stage of the nuclear power plant stage 3 construction.
    • Thu, Jul 1 2021

    Ergoatom, OCNI (Canada) Formalize Cooperation

    Ukrainian nuclear power operator Energoatom and the Organization of Canadian Nuclear Industries (OCNI) on June 29 used the convenience of video conferencing to sign a letter of intent, formalizing prior agreements on the implementation of joint projects with Canadian companies in the nuclear energy sector.
    • Thu, Jul 1 2021

    University Of Illinois Plans For Micro-Reactor

    The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), in collaboration with Ultra Safe Nuclear Corporation, has submitted a Letter of Intent to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to apply for a license to construct a research and test reactor facility on the UIUC campus.
    • Wed, Jun 23 2021

    Rooppur Unit 2 Hits Concreting Milestone

    Concreting of the inner containment cylindrical part has been completed at Rooppur NPP power unit 2 reactor building which is being constructed in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, Rosatom said.
    • Wed, Jun 23 2021

    Kola NPP Plans For Hydrogen And Kola II

    Rosenergoatom, the operations division of Rosatom subsidiary Atomenergoprom, said that the Kola Nuclear Power Plant had been selected for hydrogen production and that construction of a new on-site reactor would begin in 2028.