• Wed, Jan 10 2018

    NuScale announces a major step in the NRC’s review of its passively safe SMR

    NuScale, a leader in the increasingly competitive field of advanced nuclear reactor design, has announced that the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) reviewers issued a document that formally agrees that their design does not require any electrical power to achieve safe shutdown. It’s difficult to explain the importance of that regulatory position. People with experience in the costly hurdles ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 8 2018

    Urenco, Bruce Power Sign MOU To Develop U-Battery for Canada

    Urenco, Bruce Power and AMEC NSS Limited recently announced that they had signed an MOU to cooperate in the design, licensing and development of Urenco’s U-Battery micro nuclear system for the Canadian electricity and heat market. The U-Battery contains a 10 MWth nuclear heat source that can be configured to produce either 4 MWe plus useful heat in a cogeneration mode or process heat at a delivery ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 5 2018

    Will the U.S cold wave help solve OPEC’s oil inventory hangover?

    ISO New England Fuel Mix Jan 5, 2018 05:33 Since 2014, investor-focused publications have used terms like ‘ awash in oil ’, ‘ oil glut ’ and even ‘ world is “drowning” in oil’ to describe the world’s stockpile of already extracted and stored inventory of crude oil. Similar phrases have also been occasionally used to describe inventories of various refined products like gasoline, distillate ...read more
    • Thu, Jan 4 2018

    Paying attention to energy discussions on Twitter

    I apologize for the virtual silence here over the past couple of weeks. I’ve been keeping up a fairly active presence on Twitter, posting short updates and getting involved in a few serious conversations as time allows. Even if you do not have a Twitter account, you can read my feed at https://twitter.com/Atomicrod?s=17 One topic that is keeping me up at night is the stress being put on the grid ...read more
    • Fri, Dec 22 2017

    Vogtle continuation decision tells me America still produces leaders that can make complicated, long-term decisions

    The Georgia Public Service Commission unanimously approved a plan to continue the Vogtle Expansion Project. Georgia Power, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Southern Company, immediately accepted the deal contained in the plan and will continue moving forward with due diligence and effort. The announced decisions made me even more confident that there is strong leadership remaining in America, despite ...read more
    • Thu, Dec 21 2017

    Year-end support for energy industry research and information

    A number of you have recently made recurring payments to Atomic Insights. Thank you. Those payments give us the tools we need as we strive to increase our reach and provide unique insights into the energy world from an atomic perspective. If you’re not yet a regular contributor, please use the button below to make a non tax-deductible payment. You will be trading something of value to us — ...read more
    • Wed, Dec 20 2017

    Did the Republican tax reform bill add the last straw that halts large nuclear plant construction in U.S.

    Early this morning, Senate Republicans passed a tax reform package. Despite passing generous, deficit-increasing legislation that includes many provisions that favor corporations and most forms of energy production, it did not include an extension of the operational deadline that must be met to qualify for the nuclear production tax credit. In my analysis, there is a high probability that the failure ...read more
    • Mon, Dec 18 2017

    Atomic Show #261 – Three advanced nuclear technology developers

    Advanced nuclear development projects have made some significant steps during 2017. I met – via Skype – with representatives of three of the projects yesterday. Several more were invited, but were busy doing business even on a Sunday evening. The three who were able to attend were Seth Grae, the CEO of Lightbridge , Canon Bryant, the CFO of Terrestrial Energy , and Robert Hargraves a key player on ...read more
    • Fri, Dec 15 2017

    NERC 10-year grid reliability report contains nuanced warnings that many fail to understand

    Greentech Media recently published another article claiming that there is a new report that supports its contention that the NOPR – Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to establish a Grid Resilience Pricing Rule – Sec. of Energy Perry sent to FERC is misguided. I cannot help but wonder if the author read the report . If he did, I then have to wonder about his reading comprehension skills. It’s difficult ...read more
    • Tue, Dec 12 2017

    Why are many nuclear advocates turning against large scale wind and solar energy?

    On Friday, a well-respected energy industry observer posed an important question on Twitter . Michael Liebreich @MLiebreich Replying to @tder2012 @Daniel_W_See and 4 others Answer. The. Question: Why have you concluded that attacking cheap wind and solar is the best way to help nuclear? Please explain, because from where I sit it’s pretty darn clear: the more you thorium boys attack ...read more
    • Thu, Dec 7 2017

    Synergies between nuclear energy and coal

    Some recent converts to nuclear energy advocacy are offended and confused by the fact that nuclear energy and coal have been lumped together in the Department of Energy’s recent effort to return profitable conditions to established power plants that do not depend on favorable weather or just-in-time natural gas fuel delivery. A segment of the offended advocates were initially stimulated to learn ...read more
    • Tue, Dec 5 2017

    Michael Shellenberger explains why he is running for governor of California – Part 3

    Editor’s Note: Sometimes stories are best told out of sequence. We’re starting here with part 3 of a timely tale about a strong leader with a moral compass who has decided to enter into a political race out of faith in his country, its system and himself. By Michael Shellenberger When I started Environmental Progress last year, I vowed to take whatever ethical and legal means necessary to save ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 28 2017

    Challenging established paradigms in one of the world’s largest industries

    Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie co-founders of Transatomic (2011) Leslie Dewan and Mark Massie, the co-founders of Transatomic , are striving to make a difference in the world. They want to bring power and light to those who do not have it and they want to show a way to turn “waste” into valuable fuel. In this Fast Company Freethink production , Dewan shares her inspirations and talks ...read more
    • Mon, Nov 27 2017

    Atomic Show #260 – Pro-nuclear voices from COP23 in Bonn. Not a warm welcome

    Eric, Kirsty and Iida provide copies of Energy for Humanity’s recent report on European emissions This episode of the Atomic Show is a conversation among five clean energy advocates who attended the COP with the goal of sharing what they know about the ways that nuclear energy can help reduce global emissions while also providing a growing amount of reliable power. With more power, more people ...read more
    • Sat, Nov 25 2017

    Giving thanks for both actinides and hydrocarbons

    Neutrons are key provided to unlock energy stored in actinides Credit: UVA Nuclear Reactions There is a pervasive myth claiming that energy is difficult to store. The objective fact is that our creator – or nature if you prefer – figured out how to store massive quantities of useable energy at the very beginning. Aside: Refined electricity storage doesn’t appear to be difficult from a consumer’s ...read...
    • Tue, Nov 21 2017

    Self-Described Antinuclear, Pro-Renewable Former Vermont Legislator Claims “We were angels, doing God’s work.”

    Tony Klein, a former Vermont legislator who played an important role in Vermont energy law creation during the last decade, recently gave a fascinating talk at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute at the University of Vermont . Fortunately for those of us with a deep interest in energy politics, the talk was competently recorded for posterity and world-wide distribution. Audience interest and participation ...read...
    • Mon, Nov 20 2017

    Consumers win if electricity production capacity remains high

    There are many pundits writing about the U.S. electricity markets today who hope that their readers haven’t studied market behavior and competitive price formation. They want their readers or listeners to accept their narrative and believe that keeping struggling generators in the market will be a costly market intervention resulting in higher customer prices. The opposite is more likely to ...read more
    • Sat, Nov 18 2017

    Environmental Defense Fund president has a fundamental misunderstanding of gas markets

    Fred Krupp, the president of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), published a commentary in the Wall Street Journal titled How Local Utilities Gamed the Natural Gas Market . The article subtitle briefly explains his theory – They booked large orders and then cancelled at the last minute, which pushed electric prices up by 20% . Krupp’s commentary did not offer much in the way of explanation ...read more
    • Thu, Nov 16 2017

    (Re-)Creating U3O8 Demand in East Asia

    South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, three historically large markets for uranium and fuel cycle services, have been under siege by organized antinuclear opponents who have made the most from Fukushima to rally public support for their efforts. To paraphrase a cliché, nuclear energy opponents did not let an attention-getting crisis go to waste. As a result of the traditional reluctance by nuclear energy ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017

    Confusing watts and watt-hours is a Gross Conceptual Error

    It’s probably safe to say that nearly everyone who talks or writes anything about energy and power has made the mistake – perhaps only as a typographical error – of writing or saying “gigawatt” in a situation where the correct term is “gigawatt-hour”. Those of us who have real understanding of the topic, however, will either quickly correct the typo when it is pointed ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017

    UN Environment Program Rejects WNA’s Money. Won’t Allow Sponsorship Of Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF17)

    The UN Environmental Program (UNEP) has rejected the World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) offer to provide financial support to the 8th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF). Described by its chairman as the “ largest business-focused side event during the annual Conference Of Parties ” the event is scheduled to take place alongside COP23 in Bonn, Germany. Originally accepted as ...read more
    • Fri, Nov 3 2017

    South Korean Panel Supports Nuclear Plant Construction, Rejecting President Moon’s Plan To Stop It

    Michael Shellenberger and young activists with Environmental Progress celebrate ROK panel victory Supporters of South Korean nuclear energy are celebrating today . Earlier this morning, a citizen’s panel decided that President Moon Jae-in had made a mistake by halting the Shin Kori 5 & 6 construction projects. The 471-member panel, formed by President Moon to provide advice about his ...read more
    • Mon, Oct 30 2017

    Logical Basis For Sec. Rick Perry’s Resiliency Pricing Rule.

    Energy Sec Rick Perry meets with nuclear energy innovators during Nuclear Science Week 2017. Credit: DOE The intense conversation Energy Secretary Rick Perry purposely initiated with his Sept. 29 letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission continues to occupy the attention of specialists. The direction was concise: implement pricing rules that protect electricity generators that meet certain ...read more
    • Thu, Oct 26 2017

    FERC Proposal Supporting Coal And Nuclear Prompts Howls From Gas, Wind, Solar, Antinuclear

    If his goal was to stimulate a conversation with a rapid approach to concluding action, Energy Secretary Rick Perry has scored a victory with his recently proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule. During the past couple of weeks, the insular world of energy policy wonks has talked of little else, numerous congressional hearings have been held to gather the views of selected stakeholders, dozens of critical ...read mor...
    • Sun, Oct 22 2017

    Creating new markets for uranium

    Disclaimer: I have been buying stocks in uranium producers for more than a decade. I accelerated my purchasing in 2011 when stock prices fell after Fukushima. I’ve added to my holdings each time there was a big drop in stock prices. I am a contrarian who likes to buy high quality assets when they’re on sale. Now a confession. Though my investments in Uraniumland™ are a small portion of my overall ...read more