• Thu, Nov 16 2017

    (Re-)Creating U3O8 Demand in East Asia

    South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, three historically large markets for uranium and fuel cycle services, have been under siege by organized antinuclear opponents who have made the most from Fukushima to rally public support for their efforts. To paraphrase a cliché, nuclear energy opponents did not let an attention-getting crisis go to waste. As a result of the traditional reluctance by nuclear energy ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017

    Confusing watts and watt-hours is a Gross Conceptual Error

    It’s probably safe to say that nearly everyone who talks or writes anything about energy and power has made the mistake – perhaps only as a typographical error – of writing or saying “gigawatt” in a situation where the correct term is “gigawatt-hour”. Those of us who have real understanding of the topic, however, will either quickly correct the typo when it is pointed ...read more
    • Tue, Nov 7 2017

    UN Environment Program Rejects WNA’s Money. Won’t Allow Sponsorship Of Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF17)

    The UN Environmental Program (UNEP) has rejected the World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) offer to provide financial support to the 8th Annual Sustainable Innovation Forum (SIF). Described by its chairman as the “ largest business-focused side event during the annual Conference Of Parties ” the event is scheduled to take place alongside COP23 in Bonn, Germany. Originally accepted as ...read more
    • Fri, Nov 3 2017

    South Korean Panel Supports Nuclear Plant Construction, Rejecting President Moon’s Plan To Stop It

    Michael Shellenberger and young activists with Environmental Progress celebrate ROK panel victory Supporters of South Korean nuclear energy are celebrating today . Earlier this morning, a citizen’s panel decided that President Moon Jae-in had made a mistake by halting the Shin Kori 5 & 6 construction projects. The 471-member panel, formed by President Moon to provide advice about his ...read more
    • Mon, Oct 30 2017

    Logical Basis For Sec. Rick Perry’s Resiliency Pricing Rule.

    Energy Sec Rick Perry meets with nuclear energy innovators during Nuclear Science Week 2017. Credit: DOE The intense conversation Energy Secretary Rick Perry purposely initiated with his Sept. 29 letter to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission continues to occupy the attention of specialists. The direction was concise: implement pricing rules that protect electricity generators that meet certain ...read more
    • Thu, Oct 26 2017

    FERC Proposal Supporting Coal And Nuclear Prompts Howls From Gas, Wind, Solar, Antinuclear

    If his goal was to stimulate a conversation with a rapid approach to concluding action, Energy Secretary Rick Perry has scored a victory with his recently proposed Grid Resiliency Pricing Rule. During the past couple of weeks, the insular world of energy policy wonks has talked of little else, numerous congressional hearings have been held to gather the views of selected stakeholders, dozens of critical ...read mor...
    • Sun, Oct 22 2017

    Creating new markets for uranium

    Disclaimer: I have been buying stocks in uranium producers for more than a decade. I accelerated my purchasing in 2011 when stock prices fell after Fukushima. I’ve added to my holdings each time there was a big drop in stock prices. I am a contrarian who likes to buy high quality assets when they’re on sale. Now a confession. Though my investments in Uraniumland™ are a small portion of my overall ...read more
    • Thu, Oct 12 2017

    Dr. Eugene Preston explains why 100% renewable energy is unlikely to the point of impossibility

    “Is having 100% renewable energy for a country feasible?” This question was recently posed on Thinkable. Dr. Gene Preston, a man who has been professionally specializing in grid reliability studies since his 1997 dissertation on the subject, answers “Exceptionally unlikely.” He doesn’t stop there; his answer includes enough detail to persuade all but the most fervent ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 11 2017

    Broad Interest in Nukes, Especially SMRs, at National Clean Energy Week

    From left to right: Sec of Energy Rick Perry, Former Senator Kelly Ayotte, Sec. of Interior Ryan Zinke Keynote Panel at NCEW National Clean Energy Week was conceived in June by the Coalition of Responsible Energy Solutions. During July and August the organizers attracted partners, sponsors and speakers. They developed a week-long agenda and located venues for the expo, symposium and panels. Festivities ...read mo...
    • Mon, Oct 9 2017

    Perry Acts To Prevent Predatory Pricing From Pushing Nuclear And Coal Competition Out Of Market. FERC To Value Resiliency And Pipeline Independence

    Sec Rick Perry at National Clean Energy Week One of the most sweeping changes to the U.S. electricity supply market in the past two decades may be implemented before the coming winter heating season. The brief bottom line of the change is that eligible power sources will be able to participate in a details-to-be-determined rate structure that allows the owner to recover its “fully allocated ...read more
    • Fri, Oct 6 2017

    Palisades Nuclear Plant Will Continue Operating Through 2022; Neighbors Ecstatic

    Palisades Nuclear Power Plant at night Workers, school system administrators, neighbors, local businessmen and elected officials screamed and danced with excitement  when Entergy announced that it would continue to operate the Palisades Nuclear Power Plant through 2022, when its current power purchase agreement expires. Entergy stated that it “will continue to make all necessary investments ...read more
    • Thu, Oct 5 2017

    Ad Campaign Touts Marvels Of Atomic Technology With Tagline ‘Nuclear. Power The Extraordinary’

    New Power Changes Everything. It’s Not New. It’s Nuclear The Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI) announced in early September that was starting a new advertising campaign with reimagined creative materials. Using the general tagline of “Nuclear. Power the Extraordinary”  the U.S. nuclear industry’s trade organization will be speaking “to the critical role that nuclear ...read more
    • Wed, Oct 4 2017

    Nuclear Generator Movable By Cargo Plane. Not Only Possible, But Proven In Early 1960s

    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry muses about future nuclear generators. Last week was National Clean Energy Week. On Tuesday, there was a wide ranging symposium with talks about nuclear energy, wind, solar, biomass, hydroelectricity, carbon capture and sequestration and natural gas. Early in the day, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke participated in a panel ...read more
    • Mon, Oct 2 2017

    Dyson and Ann Marie Sastry Making Strides In Solid State Li-ion Battery Development

    Dyson cordless vacuum model V-8 Animal. Sir James Dyson, known to housekeepers around the world as a creative problem solver, has announced that he will be investing £1 billion ($1.3 billion) to develop a premium electric car and an equal amount of money on solid state battery development. The battery effort is key to his automotive dreams, and his star player and not-so-secret weapon in the crowded ...read more
    • Fri, Sep 29 2017

    Atomic Show #259 – David Schumacher The New Fire Movie

    David Schumacher is a filmmaker who was inspired to learn more about nuclear energy at a Wired-sponsored event in 2011. That event took place soon after the Fukushima event captured widespread media attention. During the Wired gathering, he heard Bill Gates talk about his investments in TerraPower and his excitement in being involved in the development of a technology that could help to address climate ...read more
    • Wed, Sep 27 2017

    Who will be ThorCon’s EPC contractor?

    By Jack Devanney ThorConIsle cooling pond, fission power module, secondary heat exchanger cell, steam generator cell, turbine hall, switchgear hall. Engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contractors have led recent nuclear plant projects into disasters. Deca-billion dollar cost overruns. Schedules doubling. Some projects being cancelled after squandering billions of dollars. Giant corporations ...read ...
    • Fri, Sep 15 2017

    Atomic Show #258 – Energy and the Modern State With Professor George Gonzales

    Dr. George Gonzales is an energy-focused political scientist and professor at the University of Miami. He has written a number of books about the relationships between energy, the environment, international relations, and political decision making. His upcoming work is titled Energy and the Modern State ; it is scheduled to be published in 2018. On this podcast, George and I discuss the way that ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 31 2017

    Can Gas Turbines Using Nuclear Fuel Change The Energy Game?

    Mobile low power number 1 (ML-1). Closed cycle nuclear gas turbine circa 1962. Credit: U.S. Army Disclosure: Rod Adams founded the now defunct Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. His company developed nuclear gas turbines from 1993-2010. It is a modern day truism that natural gas power plants are cheap while nuclear power plants are expensive. Natural gas plants can also be built in a variety of sizes by ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 24 2017

    Long awaited DOE report on electricity markets and reliability

    In April, Secretary of Energy Perry announced a 60 day study of current U.S. electricity markets with an emphasis on their effects on long term grid reliability, reliance and stability. That report was issued sometime around 10 pm yesterday. It’s a lengthy, detailed product backed up with data, charts, customer feedback, and expert input. Here’s a quick look that will be supplemented ...read more
    • Sun, Aug 20 2017

    U.S. DOE to Follow Industry Lead In Setting Priorities Under Trump

    R. Shane Johnson recently briefed representatives of the U.S. nuclear power industry about the the strategies and programs that the Department of Energy (DOE) is developing to implement the Trump Administration’s vision for nuclear energy. Johnson is the Deputy Assistant Secretary in the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy. He’s the senior career civil servant in that branch, which has an annual budget ...read more
    • Sat, Aug 19 2017

    Nuclear’s Fork in the Road

    By Jim Little Would you be willing to continue investing in an established business with flat revenues, increasing costs while competing against an agile field of competitors who enjoy a market advantage of lower costs, quicker deployment schedules and the support of government subsidies and favorable public opinion? Should you stay the course and focus on addressing those challenges or divest? This ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 17 2017

    Is V.C. Summer really dead or is near term revival possible?

    V.C. Summer 2 & 3 site overhead as of Jan 2017. (With permission from SCE&G) Several leaders in the South Carolina government are actively searching for ways to revive the V. C. Summer expansion project. The project includes construction of two Westinghouse AP1000 power plants capable of producing 1,140 MWe each. That is enough new nuclear capacity to enable the state to idle or close almost ...read more
    • Mon, Aug 14 2017

    Using science to update regulatory approach to radiation protection

    Excessive regulation of extremely low radiation doses increases the public fears of nuclear technology, increases the costs borne by society, and can deprive society of the full benefit of that technology.” – Edward Maher, Sc.D., Harvard University Note: Borrowed from lowdoserad.org That is a truth that Atomic Insights has recognized for many years, but the situation – so far – remains unchanged ...read mo...
    • Sat, Aug 12 2017

    Impressions from the ANS Utility Working Conference 2017

    Where’s the registration desk? With generous support from several Atomic Insights readers, I was able to attend the welcome reception and the first day of the annual Utility Working Conferenc organized by the American Nuclear Society (ANS). This year’s conference title was The Nuclear Option – Clean, Safe, Reliable & Affordable . This event has been a fixture in the August calendar ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 10 2017

    New York’s Zero Emission Credit For Upstate Nuclear Plants Upheld

    Pro-nuclear environmentalists celebrate NYPSC decision to create Zero Emission Credit program for upstate nuclear Just over a year ago, I visited Albany, New York to attend a public hearing held by the New York Public Service Commission. I joined a number of friends – new, old and formerly just virtual – who were there to find out if the NYPSC would make the important decision to give upstate nuclear ...read more