• Thu, Sep 15 2016

    Stockpile of 20% enriched uranium will enable advanced reactor deployment

    This is a call to action. The Department of Energy is soliciting comments on its excess uranium management plan . The deadline for comments, initially announced as August 18, 2016, has been extended until September 19. That is just 4 days away. Here is a quote from the Federal Register request for information: The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is preparing for a potential new Secretarial Determination ...read m...
    • Thu, Sep 8 2016

    NREL Study: Eastern Interconnect Would Strain If 30% Of Annual Electricity Was Solar And Wind

    Transmission system in Eastern Interconnect Source: ERGIS study p. 6 A high fidelity simulation of the North American Eastern Interconnect known as ERGIS–Eastern Renewable Generation Integration Study–indicates that the system could continue to function in the year 2026, even if as much as 30% of its annual electricity generation and consumption was produced using variable power sources ...read more
    • Thu, Sep 1 2016

    Personal paradigm changing discoveries in progress – are petroleum and methane primal compounds?

    Loyal Atomic Insights readers might wonder why it’s been more than a week since I last wrote a post here. Those who follow @atomicrod on Twitter might have noticed a few hints about what I’ve been busily doing for the last ten days or so. It seems likely to me that Thomas Gold , Dimitri Mendeleev , Nikolai Alexandrovitch Kudryavtsev and a host of other Russian and Ukrainian scientists ...read more
    • Tue, Aug 23 2016

    First offshore wind farm in US completed. Details of FOAK costs & schedule

    Three wind turbines from the Deepwater Wind project off Block Island, R.I., are viewed Monday, Aug. 15, 2016. Deepwater Wind’s $300 million five-turbine wind farm off Block Island is expected to be operational this fall.(AP Photo/Michael Dwyer) Deepwater Wind has completed attaching blades to the last of five massive, 6 MWe peak capacity wind turbines that make up the 30 MWe Block Island Wind ...read more
    • Thu, Aug 18 2016

    Why are nuclear plants losing money at an astonishing rate?

    Joe Romm recently wrote a piece for Climate Progress titled Nuclear Power Is Losing Money At An Astonishing Rate . In that post Romm exaggerates the amount of support that the New York Zero Emissions Credit (ZEC) will provide, absolves the massive build out of industrial scale wind and solar from any responsibility for contributing to the situation, offers an incomplete analysis of the real causes ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 3 2016

    Battle Hymn of the Atom

    If you plan to attend future nuclear energy rallies, it might be worthwhile to practice singing Battle Hymn of the Atom . It’s set to the tune of “Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Verse: The ice caps are all melting, as the water levels rise The ocean’s getting sicker, Hear the bird and mammal cries The Green’s and Anti Nukes have had a field day with their lies ...read more
    • Wed, Aug 3 2016

    Warning: Amory Lovins is influencing national security decision makers

    Amory Lovins recently visited the Pentagon. After a glowing introduction by the flag officer who is in charge of fleet readiness and logistics for the US Navy, Lovins told people who are tasked with looking into the future and planning budgets that human society is moving from an age of carbon to an age of silicon, where both the conversion of electricity into light — in the form of white LED ...read more
    • Tue, Aug 2 2016

    New York’s environment progressed one step forward

    The US environment and electrical supply system measurably improved yesterday. That is something worth celebrating. https://youtube.com/watch?v=RiKI958pHDI The New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) took a small, but significant step forward yesterday. By a vote of three yeses and one concur, the commissioners decided to implement a clean energy standard that includes zero emission ...read more
    • Mon, Aug 1 2016

    Fighting climate change with best available tools

    Today, the New York State Department of Public Service (NYSDPS) will consider a motion to establish a large-scale renewable program and a clean energy standard that will result in a price floor for wholesale electricity prices from zero or near zero emission power sources. Nuclear advocates from New York, along with supporters from around the country are gathering to attend the meeting and encourage ...read more
    • Sat, Jul 30 2016

    CGNP granted “seat at table” for two CPUC proceedings involving Diablo Canyon

    Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP) has assembled a persistent, dedicated and skilled team of engineers, scientists, retired public servants and interested citizens who are certain that nuclear energy is a valuable economic and environmental resource. They have invested a considerable amount of time learning the details of the technology but they have not ignored the importance of learning ...read more
    • Fri, Jul 29 2016

    Atomic Show #257 – Rich Powell, Managing Director Policy and Strategy ClearPath Foundation

    ClearPath Foundation has established a new niche; it is an unabashedly conservative organization that believes that clean energy is an important issue. It is taking aggressive action to seize the initiative. It asserts that the definition of “clean” energy should not be left in the hands of people who do not like material prosperity and prefer to emphasize limits to growth over technology ...read more
    • Tue, Jul 26 2016

    Atomic Show #256 – Tom Turner Talks About David Brower

    David Brower had a profound influence on the Environmental Movement and its gradual transition from groups of outdoors enthusiasts and conservationists who focused on protecting public lands and establishing national parks to a powerful political movement with major influences on a variety of important industrial, economic and international policy arenas. The Movement has had a huge impact on the ...read more
    • Tue, Jul 12 2016

    California Renewables Mandates And “Non-bypassable Charges” Make Diablo Canyon Closure Agreement A Winner For PG&E

    By Rod Adams and Andrea Jennetta Diablo Canyon has joined the growing list of U.S. reactors to be prematurely shutdown as Pacific Gas & Electric announced a closure plan negotiated with a veritable who’s who of anti-nuclear groups captured in a joint proposal that will be filed with California regulators for approval. If that joint proposal is accepted by the state’s Public Utilities Commission ...read more
    • Sat, Jul 9 2016

    Showing up and speaking up for Diablo Canyon and nuclear energy in California

    The California State Lands Commission meeting on June 28, 2016 included a number of articulate, knowledgable, rational and emotional talks by people who took time to attend the meeting and to deliver their public comments. Some had carefully prepared remarks, others spoke directly from their hearts. Some had a prop or a graph, others relied on spoken words and the messages printed on their tee shirts ...read more
    • Fri, Jul 8 2016

    Atomic Show # 255 – Powerful fuels lead to human freedom and prosperity

    Some people who are not well versed in human history believe that fossil fuels are inherently evil, costly and harmful to human health. They ignore the side of the accounting ledger that documents the incredibly beneficial effects concentrated fuels have provided to overall human freedom, happiness, self actualization and reduction of dependence on nature. Kathleen Hartnett-White, one of the co-authors ...read more
    • Thu, Jul 7 2016

    Can Radiation from CT scans help patients suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease?

    Atomic energy is love Logo created by a Canadian and offered for free use Computed tomography (CT) scans may be able do more than just take high resolution pictures inside human bodies. They might provide a useful treatment modality for certain neurodegenerative diseases. A recently published case report suggests that the adaptive response of a human immune system stimulated by a short series of ...read more
    • Wed, Jul 6 2016

    “The Martian’s” RTG science includes jarring errors

    During the holiday weekend, I finally got around to watching “The Martian.” Though it was a terrific, suspenseful drama, its treatment of the radioisotope thermal generator (RTG) was wrong on a number of levels. That was disappointing in the context of a high budget movie that has received numerous kudos for the significant effort its creators invested in getting the science right. The ...read more
    • Sat, Jul 2 2016

    Holding State Lands Commission accountable

    Kirk Gothier is one of the skilled former public servants that has joined Californians for Green Nuclear Power . He is putting his deep experience as a community development planner to good use during his retirement years. A brief summary of his experience can be found here . Like other members of CGNP, Kirk is passionately concerned about enabling the continued operation of Diablo Canyon for at ...read more
    • Sat, Jul 2 2016

    Will an independent UK emphasize nuclear energy?

    When the dust has had a chance to settle, effects of the UK voter decision to leave the EU on the UK nuclear energy and climate change mitigation programs will become evident. In the meantime, bloggers and other observers will continue to do what they do, which is to offer opinions in spite of enormous uncertainties. Yesterday, I published a piece providing my own interpretations on what I think ...read more
    • Fri, Jul 1 2016

    Nuclear plant construction in U.K. will gain momentum from Brexit vote

    British voters have spoken; they want to leave the EU by a margin of 52% to 48%. The split should provide a boost for the UK’s nuclear energy program. It should also improve the UK’s energy resiliency and improve the effectiveness of its effort to reduce CO2 emissions. As an island nation, the UK doesn’t have a large population of climate skeptics, though there are many that question ...read more
    • Thu, Jun 30 2016

    PG&E Agreed To Kill Diablo Canyon In Self-Protecting Deal

    Copyright 2005 Jim Zimmerlin. All rights reserved The first indication I had of the agreement to destroy Diablo Canyon in the prime of its life came from a press release issued by the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). It stated that they had signed a deal with PG&E, IBEW local 1245, the Coalition of California Utility Employees, Friends of the Earth, Environment California, and the Alliance ...read more
    • Wed, Jun 29 2016

    You’ve been told lies. Low dose radiation isn’t harmful. It can improve health

    Used with permission from XLNT Foundation Biological Theory has published the equivalent of a “bunker buster” salvo in a decades-long war of words between scientists. On one side are people who believe that there is no safe dose of radiation. They assert that radiation protection regulations should continue using a linear, no threshold model. The other side includes those who say ...read more
    • Tue, Jun 28 2016

    Corporate environmental contributions: Greenwashing or worse?

    Ken Silverstein posted a thought-provoking piece on Forbes.com titled Being ‘Good Neighbors’ And Staying Out Of Print Motivates Companies To Be Environmental Stewards . The following quote stimulated me to provide a slightly different interpretation and expansion on the reasons why companies and investors large and small are often actively involved in the environmental movement. And ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 26 2016

    CGNP objections to PG&E, NRDC, FOE and A4NR plan for Diablo Canyon

    CGNP’S Summary Objections to PG&E’s Plan to Close DCPP in 2025 1. PG&E’s current plan to replace DCPP’s annual power production is to expand the four following approaches to maintain its carbon emissions at the current level. A. Increase the use of solar power. B. Increase the use of wind power. C. Increase the use of electric power storage. D. Increase the ...read more
    • Sun, Jun 26 2016

    Hopeful days for environmental progress in California

    March for Environmental Hope San Francisco, CA June 24, 2016 Friday marked a big day for environmental progress and hope for our future as a species. Gulliver (nuclear energy) finally began recognizing that the threads holding him down are breakable. The so-far gentle and polite giant has also begun to recognize that the petty aristocrats who have spent so many years wrapping him up in a tangled ...read more