• Tue, Mar 28 2017

    Secretary of Energy Rick Perry visits Yucca Mountain and talks with Nevada Gov Brian Sandoval

    Yesterday, Secretary of Energy Rick Perry toured the Yucca Mountain site to get a first hand look at the current state of the facility. Following the site tour, Sec. Perry met with Gov. Brian Sandoval. Here is what the Department of Energy press release said about that conversation. “Governor Sandoval and I had a frank and productive conversation, where he expressed his appreciation for my visit ...read more
    • Mon, Mar 27 2017

    Trump Budget Blueprint For DOE Will Revive Yucca Conflict. Does Little To Enable Nuclear

    Short section of 5 mile long access tunnel at idle and far-from-complete Yucca Mountain site. Photo credit: U.S. Department of Energy The first few words of the first bullet in the Department of Energy’s (DOE) section of the Trump Administration’s Budget Blueprint seem purposely chose to instigate maximum conflict. Provides $120 million to restart licensing activities for the Yucca ...read more
    • Sat, Mar 25 2017

    ALARA causes and reinforces excessive fear of low dose radiation

    The current practice for controlling ionizing radiation exposures is ALARA – (As Low As Reasonably Achievable). This practice is based on acceptance of the 1950s vintage assertion that all exposure to radiation, down to a single low energy gamma ray, carries a greater than zero probability of causing a genetic mutation that might result in either a hereditary defect or cancer. Some medical imaging ...read more
    • Tue, Mar 21 2017

    Clean and Doable Liquid Fission (LF) Energy Roadmap For 
Powering Up Our World

    By: Robert Hargraves and Chris Uhlik Introduction This essay responds to an article by Stanford Professor Mark Z. Jacobson et al, 
100% Clean and Renewable Wind, Water, and Sunlight (WWS) All-Sector Energy Roadmaps for 139 Countries of the World . Their controversial WWS roadmap has several interesting features and benefits. Coal, natural gas, and petroleum energy sources are replaced by WWS ...read more
    • Sun, Mar 19 2017

    Bechtel And BWXT Quietly Terminate mPower Reactor Project

    Generation mPower Announcement Press Conference. July 14, 2010 Generation mPower, one of the early leaders in the development of small modular reactors (SMR), has decided to fully terminate its partnership and put the design material that was developed onto a corporate shelf. Though this isn’t specifically good nuclear news, it is an indication that nuclear energy development has many hurdles ...read more
    • Thu, Mar 16 2017

    NRC accepted NuScale’s DCA. Will it complete its review on time? Estimated completion July 2020

    Introduction to NuScale’s control room. Yesterday, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission accepted NuScale’s 12,000 page design certification application (DCA). That action starts the safety determination process, which is scheduled to take 40 months. Completed on December 31, 2016 and submitted to the NRC on January 12, 2017, NuScale’s certification application has been subjected ...read more
    • Wed, Mar 15 2017

    Will be catching up with advanced and small reactor innovators in Atlanta

    Nuclear Energy Insider , a UK based trade publication and conference organizer that shares an acronym name with the Nuclear Energy Institute, will be holding its 7th annual early spring event focusing on small and advanced reactors . The Summit includes a face-paced, two day agenda on March 30-31. The venue is the conveniently located Westing Buckhead, far enough outside of downtown Atlanta to be ...read more
    • Tue, Mar 14 2017

    ThorCon and Indonesia moving forward smartly on manufactured nuclear plants

    Three state-owned Indonesian companies, Pertamina, PLN and INUKI, have completed the ThorCon technology pre-feasibility study agreed to in the Memorandum of Understanding with ThorCon International. The ten-month study concluded that the ThorCon molten salt reactor design could deliver safe, cheap, clean energy, could be built now, would be economically viable, and would have the potential to replace ...read more
    • Fri, Mar 10 2017

    Rally to proclaim support for Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

    Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP) is hosting its 3rd annual rally in support of the continued safe operation of PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Power Plant (DCPP) a week from today on Friday, March 17, 2017 (St. Patrick’s Day). The event starts at 11:00 AM and is schedule to conclude at 1:00 PM. Participants are asked to gather at the plaza in front of the San Luis Obispo County ...read more
    • Fri, Mar 10 2017

    U.S. Shouldn’t Depend On Russian Reactors. Restore Our World Class Fast Flux Test Facility

    Photo credit: Wikipedia credited to U.S. DOE and in public domain. Senator Carper (D-DE) asked each witness at a March 8 hearing about NEIMA – Nuclear Energy Innovation and Modernization Act – to give one suggestion for improving the bill. If asked, my answer would be to include findings that emphasize the importance of U.S. government-owned testing facilities that are capable of supporting the NRC ...read more
    • Thu, Mar 9 2017

    Bipartisan pro-nuclear love fest at Senate EPW hearing

    Yesterday, on International Women’s Day, the Senate Environment and Public Works (EPW) committee held a hearing that provided both visible and audible proof that times are changing in the political and public acceptance of nuclear energy. The committee organized the hearing in order to gather information and invited stakeholder feedback related to the recently reintroduced Nuclear Energy Innovation ...read mo...
    • Wed, Mar 8 2017

    Nobel Prize winner Dr. Rosalyn Yalow, pioneer and fierce critic of “no safe dose” myth

    Dr. Rosalyn Yalow was a fearless pioneer in the medical physics profession. In 1977, she shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for her contributions in developing radioimmunoassay (RIA) an incredibly useful process that enables sensitive detection of blood components. Born in New York City in July 1921, Dr. Yalow was in the right place at the right time with the right temperament and preparation ...read ...
    • Mon, Mar 6 2017

    How To Campaign For Clean Air While Eating Plenty Of Brownies

    Cover art for Campaigning for Clean Air. Used with permission. It is heartening to take note of all of the distributed efforts being made around the globe to push nuclear energy back into the conversations relating to current and future energy supplies. For far too long, one of the most amazing, high potential scientific advancements of the 20th century has been demonized and marginalized. Many ...read more
    • Sat, Mar 4 2017

    Dear Scott Pruitt – Please establish modern scientific basis for radiation regulations

    Scientists for Accurate Radiation Information (SARI) recently delivered a petition to Scott Pruitt, the new Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The letter, signed by 34 members or associate members of SARI, requests that Mr. Pruitt direct his Agency to revise the basis of risk-based radiation regulations. SARI members believe that regulations should be on a firm foundation ...read more
    • Tue, Feb 28 2017

    FFTF restoration would provide the fastest, most efficient path to fast spectrum neutron testing

    FFTF during operational period. If a U.S.-based researcher or reactor designer needs to irradiate fuel or material with fast neutrons for testing, their current options are extremely limited. No domestic test facility can provide enough fast neutrons to do anything more than slowly irradiate a small quantity of tiny samples. Anything more requires the full cooperation of either Russia or China ...read more
    • Sat, Feb 25 2017

    One Toshiba Lesson – Organizations With Venerable Corporate Names Can Be Risky Acquisitions

    Westinghouse Sign Over New York City 1972 Photo Credit: Wikimedia free content There are numerous reasons why Toshiba, formerly an enormous and successful Japanese electronics manufacturer, is struggling to survive. One of the lessons available to be learned – once again – is caveat emptor (buyer beware). After a series of purchases and deals that gradually took Toshiba a long way from its core competencies ...read...
    • Wed, Feb 22 2017

    #AdvancingNuclear took over Twitter yesterday

    If you gather enough nuclear nerds and atomic geeks into a single location and include some talented professional communications experts, it’s possible to make a social media splash and capture attention – at least for a short period of time. That is one of the lessons I learned yesterday while attending the Advanced Nuclear Summit and contributing tweets that included the #AdvancingNuclear ...read more
    • Mon, Feb 20 2017

    Toshiba Announces $6.3 B Writedown On A $229 M Construction Company Acquisition

    Module placement at Vogtle. Source: Progress video clip with permission from Southern Company Toshiba’s chairman, Shigenori Shiga, has accepted the responsibility for his company’s financial challenges and operating losses and resigned his position as chairman and as a board member. He remains an executive with the company. After some early confusion related to a discussion about its ...read more
    • Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Potential for Korea, Japan, U.S. to Collaborate on Pyroprocessing Under Trump

    South Korea (ROK), Japan and the United States all have large nuclear energy programs that are facing a variety of challenges limiting their growth, namely opposition by the nonproliferation industry to wider deployment of enrichment and recycling technologies. There is interest and opportunity to collaborate in developing solutions in areas where challenges overlap. The Global America Business Institute ...read mo...
    • Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Kairos Power Is Hiring For Hybrid Natural Gas-Nuclear Power System

    As long-established nuclear system vendors falter under the weight of challenges that often burden mega-projects, a growing herd of start-up companies envision an exciting future in innovative nuclear solutions to the world’s energy trilemma . One of the newest additions in the space is Kairos Power , an Oakland, CA-based start-up that is quietly assembling a team capable of commercializing ...read more
    • Mon, Feb 13 2017

    Energizing opportunity to meet with atomic entrepreneurs

    Jose Reyes receives first NIC Trailblazer Awards The fourth annual Advanced Reactors Technical Summit attracted about 210 people representing perhaps a couple of dozen companies, government agencies, regulatory bodies and even a potential customer or two. For those who could not attend, I have a few quick thoughts to share while waiting for links to the presentations given. The Nuclear Infrastructure ...read more
    • Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Please support atomic energy research and info sharing

    Readers tell us they find useful insights at Atomic Insights. It’s gratifying when they take the time to write, call or introduce themselves at conferences. If you find value in the product that Atomic Insights provides to those seeking atomic energy information, please use the button below to make a non tax-deductible payment. No amount is too small to help; no amount is too large for us to ...read more
    • Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Elegant simplicity of a CO2 tax and dividend should attract broad spectrum support

    James Hansen and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby have attracted some heavy hitters from the Reagan Administration to the idea that the simplest, most elegant, most market-friendly and effective approach to reducing CO2 emissions is to apply a direct tax (fee) on all fuels in proportion to the amount of CO2 that they would release when burned. To prevent such a tax from burdening society or growing ...read more
    • Thu, Feb 9 2017

    Unshielded radiation levels inside Fukushima unit 2 are extremely high

    NEWS FLASH: Radiation levels measured inside the containment and shielding of a damaged nuclear reactor are HIGH. That is about as unexpected as finding out that the temperatures inside a coal-fired furnace are high enough to cause instant death to any unprotected living creature, including human beings. There is absolutely no reason for the public to be concerned about high radiation levels measured ...read more
    • Sun, Feb 5 2017

    Toshiba Likely To Exit Nuclear Plant Construction Business

    Westinghouse is “unlikely to carry out actual construction work for the future nuclear power plant projects to eliminate risk.” Satoshi Tsunakawa, President and CEO of Toshiba, the Japanese company that owns Westinghouse and its CB&I Stone Webster subsidiary, made that statement during a recent press conference. The event, held on January 27, was called to provide a status report ...read more