• Sat, Feb 25 2017

    One Toshiba Lesson – Organizations With Venerable Corporate Names Can Be Risky Acquisitions

    Westinghouse Sign Over New York City 1972 Photo Credit: Wikimedia free content There are numerous reasons why Toshiba, formerly an enormous and successful Japanese electronics manufacturer, is struggling to survive. One of the lessons available to be learned – once again – is caveat emptor (buyer beware). After a series of purchases and deals that gradually took Toshiba a long way from its core competencies ...read...
    • Wed, Feb 22 2017

    #AdvancingNuclear took over Twitter yesterday

    If you gather enough nuclear nerds and atomic geeks into a single location and include some talented professional communications experts, it’s possible to make a social media splash and capture attention – at least for a short period of time. That is one of the lessons I learned yesterday while attending the Advanced Nuclear Summit and contributing tweets that included the #AdvancingNuclear ...read more
    • Mon, Feb 20 2017

    Toshiba Announces $6.3 B Writedown On A $229 M Construction Company Acquisition

    Module placement at Vogtle. Source: Progress video clip with permission from Southern Company Toshiba’s chairman, Shigenori Shiga, has accepted the responsibility for his company’s financial challenges and operating losses and resigned his position as chairman and as a board member. He remains an executive with the company. After some early confusion related to a discussion about its ...read more
    • Sat, Feb 18 2017

    Potential for Korea, Japan, U.S. to Collaborate on Pyroprocessing Under Trump

    South Korea (ROK), Japan and the United States all have large nuclear energy programs that are facing a variety of challenges limiting their growth, namely opposition by the nonproliferation industry to wider deployment of enrichment and recycling technologies. There is interest and opportunity to collaborate in developing solutions in areas where challenges overlap. The Global America Business Institute ...read mo...
    • Fri, Feb 17 2017

    Kairos Power Is Hiring For Hybrid Natural Gas-Nuclear Power System

    As long-established nuclear system vendors falter under the weight of challenges that often burden mega-projects, a growing herd of start-up companies envision an exciting future in innovative nuclear solutions to the world’s energy trilemma . One of the newest additions in the space is Kairos Power , an Oakland, CA-based start-up that is quietly assembling a team capable of commercializing ...read more
    • Mon, Feb 13 2017

    Energizing opportunity to meet with atomic entrepreneurs

    Jose Reyes receives first NIC Trailblazer Awards The fourth annual Advanced Reactors Technical Summit attracted about 210 people representing perhaps a couple of dozen companies, government agencies, regulatory bodies and even a potential customer or two. For those who could not attend, I have a few quick thoughts to share while waiting for links to the presentations given. The Nuclear Infrastructure ...read more
    • Sun, Feb 12 2017

    Please support atomic energy research and info sharing

    Readers tell us they find useful insights at Atomic Insights. It’s gratifying when they take the time to write, call or introduce themselves at conferences. If you find value in the product that Atomic Insights provides to those seeking atomic energy information, please use the button below to make a non tax-deductible payment. No amount is too small to help; no amount is too large for us to ...read more
    • Sat, Feb 11 2017

    Elegant simplicity of a CO2 tax and dividend should attract broad spectrum support

    James Hansen and the Citizens’ Climate Lobby have attracted some heavy hitters from the Reagan Administration to the idea that the simplest, most elegant, most market-friendly and effective approach to reducing CO2 emissions is to apply a direct tax (fee) on all fuels in proportion to the amount of CO2 that they would release when burned. To prevent such a tax from burdening society or growing ...read more
    • Thu, Feb 9 2017

    Unshielded radiation levels inside Fukushima unit 2 are extremely high

    NEWS FLASH: Radiation levels measured inside the containment and shielding of a damaged nuclear reactor are HIGH. That is about as unexpected as finding out that the temperatures inside a coal-fired furnace are high enough to cause instant death to any unprotected living creature, including human beings. There is absolutely no reason for the public to be concerned about high radiation levels measured ...read more
    • Sun, Feb 5 2017

    Toshiba Likely To Exit Nuclear Plant Construction Business

    Westinghouse is “unlikely to carry out actual construction work for the future nuclear power plant projects to eliminate risk.” Satoshi Tsunakawa, President and CEO of Toshiba, the Japanese company that owns Westinghouse and its CB&I Stone Webster subsidiary, made that statement during a recent press conference. The event, held on January 27, was called to provide a status report ...read more
    • Fri, Feb 3 2017

    Trump’s Energy Policy Is Scary To Multinational Petroleum Interests

    Trump’s plan for American energy strength is rightfully causing angst among people who believe that renewable energy is the inevitable path forward to reduce society’s dependence on fossil fuel. It is likely to cause even more fear among the people who are betting on fossil fuel to continue dominating the world’s economy and geopolitics. Trump’s campaign statements and careful ...read more
    • Wed, Feb 1 2017

    Value of low dose radiation research ignored by DOE Office of Science managers

    The first installment of this series, Inconvenient Low Dose Radiation Science Axed Under Obama Administration , described actions taken by Department of Energy (DOE) managers to ensure that the Low Dose Radiation Research Program that they had eliminated from their budget remained dead. They planned to prevent information about the program’s successes and future opportunities from reaching ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 30 2017

    DOE execs killed respected science program studying radiation health effects. Fired PM who tried to protect science

    Senior Department of Energy executives, several of whom were “Acting” Obama Administration appointees in roles that normally require Senate advice and consent, made decisions that eliminated unique research into the biological effects of low dose radiation in the United States. Early research results from the program are arguably sufficient to support decisions with globally important ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 27 2017

    History Made as NuScale Files First SMR Application With U.S. Nuke Regulators

    NuScale COO Mike McGough watching press fill the room at the Newseum Two years ago, NuScale committed to filing a license application for its eponymous SMR design with U.S. regulators by the end of 2016. Just three months before two company executives used a custom pen on the cover letter of the ~12,000 page design certification application, even NuScale insiders were doubtful that the task could ...read more
    • Wed, Jan 25 2017

    Terrestrial Energy Announces Plans To License Their Integral Molten Reactor In The U.S.

    Yesterday, Terrestrial Energy USA (TEUSA) informed the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) that they planned to begin pre-license application discussions with a goal of being ready to file a design certification application no later than Oct 2019. Here is a brief video that provides an overview of Terrestrial Energy ‘s Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR TM TEUSA filed a 7 page letter ...read more
    • Tue, Jan 24 2017

    Press Release: Advanced Reactors Technical Summit IV & Technology Trailblazers Showcase

    Sometimes I get lazy and simply copy and paste a press release. This is one of those times. For Immediate Release: Tuesday, January 24, 2017 Contact: Caleb Ward caleb.ward@usnic.org 202-332-8845 Top U.S. Advanced Reactor Developers to Summit At Chicago Technology Showcase NRC Chairman Burns, DOE Deputy Assistant Johnson, GAIN’s Baranwal, Industry Leader and Former NRC Commissioner ...read more
    • Tue, Jan 24 2017

    NRC Vision And Strategy For Licensing Advanced Reactors Needs Improvement

    Sample of images associated with advance reactor development The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has published its vision and strategy for preparing to review applications for permission to begin building reactors that do not use light water as the coolant. Policy makers who are interested in ensuring that American reactor developers have the opportunity to lead in the nascent – but potentially very ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 20 2017

    Nuclear highlights of Rick Perry’s confirmation hearing plus a suggested action

    The Senate Energy and Environment committee, chaired by Senator Lisa Murkowski, held a confirmation hearing yesterday for former Texas Governor Rick Perry , the Trump Administration nominee for Secretary of Energy. Sam Britton, the nuclear waste specialist from the Bipartisan Policy Center, produced a valuable resource by watching the full hearing and producing a series of Tweets summarizing each ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 20 2017

    Eduardo Porter says states that close nuclear are going in wrong direction for climate

    Diablo Canyon circa 2007 In a recent New York Times column titled On Climate Change, Even States in Forefront Are Falling Short , Eduarto Porter begins by lauding California’s claimed position as a leader in environmental consciousness. He points to recent political statements by the state’s elected officials indicating they plan to stubbornly resist any Trump Administration efforts to ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 16 2017

    History and promise of high temperature gas cooled reactors

    By: Diarmuid Foley A small modular nuclear reactor to replace coal plants could be on the market within 5 years. In 2014, the Generation IV international forum [1] confirmed the Very High Temperature Reactor (VHTR) as one of 6 promising reactor technologies that should be pursued in order to develop advanced reactors suitable for deployment in the 2030’s. The VHTR design was initially targeted ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 13 2017

    Jimmy Carter never served on a nuclear submarine

    Initial version posted Jan 27, 2006 A recent conversation about the dangers of false claims of expertise stimulated me to revise and republish a nearly 11 year-old post. It provides documented proof that Jimmy Carter was not a “nuclear engineer” and never served on a nuclear submarine. He left the Navy in October 1953, about 15 months before Jan 17, 1955 , the day the the world’s ...read more
    • Fri, Jan 13 2017

    Jimmy Carter never served on a nuclear submarine. Was not a nuclear engineer

    Initial version posted Jan 27, 2006 A recent conversation about the dangers of false claims of expertise stimulated me to revise and republish a nearly 11 year-old post. It provides documented proof that Jimmy Carter was not a “nuclear engineer” and never served on a nuclear submarine. He left the Navy in October 1953, about 15 months before Jan 17, 1955 , the day the the world’s ...read more
    • Tue, Jan 10 2017

    Journal of Nuclear Medicine article: Fear of medical radiation is based on bad science

    Radiology and nuclear medicine subject matter experts have published an article in the January 2017 issue of The Journal of Nuclear Medicine that provides numerous reasons why people should never worry about properly controlled radiation doses used in medical imaging. The doses used are many times lower than the lowest dose at which harm might begin in the form of an association with slightly high ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 9 2017

    Value for value support for atomic energy research and information

    As an exciting New Year begins, I hope that readers are finding useful insights here at Atomic Insights. If you find value in the product that Atomic Insights provides to you and to others seeking accurate atomic energy information, please use the button below to make a non tax-deductible payment. You will be trading something of value to us — a bit of cash — for the information value ...read more
    • Mon, Jan 9 2017

    Weatherwax: Preference for biofuel dev led to low dose radiation research demise

    Seated at witness table (left to right): Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax and Dr. Noelle Metting The following video is extracted from the House Science, Space and Technology joint oversight and energy subcommittee hearing examining misconduct and intimidation of scientists by senior executives in DOE chain of command. It features the opening statements from Dr. Sharlene Weatherwax, a plant microbiologist ...read more