• Tue, Feb 28 2012

    Reaching Out to Help around the Globe

    When you think about countries where the NRC conducts international cooperation and assistance, Tanzania would probably not be the first one that comes to mind; however, that is where a group of five NRC employees recently held a workshop on regulatory practices related to uranium production. In recent years, there has been increased global interest [...]
    • Thu, Feb 23 2012

    A Reminder about the RIC

    The NRC’s 24th annual Regulatory Information Conference (RIC) is around the corner, March 13th to 15th, in North Bethesda, Md. Yes, the conference is free and open to the public, but you still need to register. You can register online before Feb. 28 or on-site at the registration service desk. In addition to a comprehensive [...]
    • Tue, Feb 21 2012

    Transcripts Provide Unique Glimpse of an Agency in Action

    The NRC today has made available about 3,000 pages of transcribed conversations from the agency’s emergency operations center representing much of our communications over the first 10 days of the Fukushima reactor crisis in Japan in March 2011. These documents provide a rare look inside the workings of the agency’s crisis center as the men [...]
    • Thu, Feb 16 2012

    NRC Talking Research Next Week in Virginia, Pennsylvania

    We recently issued the draft report summarizing several years’ worth of detailed research and analyses into what might happen during an accident at a nuclear power plant. Now we’re heading to the two plants we analyzed — one in Virginia and one in Pennsylvania — to discuss the results with the surrounding communities. The project, [...]
    • Tue, Feb 14 2012

    NRC Ranked as a “Top 20” Government Agency in “CAREERS & the disABLED” Magazine

    The NRC was recently recognized for its diverse workforce. Readers of “CAREERS & the disABLED” magazine selected the top agencies in the country for which they would most prefer to work or believe are progressive in hiring people with disabilities. Readers ranked the NRC as one of the “Top 20 Government Agencies.” “CAREERS & the [...]
    • Thu, Feb 9 2012

    NRC Congressional Affairs Office Provides Link to Congress

    Last August, shortly after a magnitude 5.8 earthquake in Virginia triggered the shutdown of two reactors at the North Anna nuclear station and rattled 12 other nuclear power plants across the eastern U.S., NRC’s phones began ringing. It had only been five months since a massive earthquake and tsunami pummeled Japan’s eastern coast and severely [...]
    • Tue, Feb 7 2012

    Using mediation to resolve issues at the FitzPatrick nuclear plant

    King Solomon may have been one of history’s most revered mediators, but many others have tried to follow his lead when it comes to resolving disputes in a way that all parties involved can agree on and that yields practical results. Count the NRC among the proponents of mediation, where appropriate. The NRC, like many [...]
    • Fri, Feb 3 2012

    2011 New Reactor Annual Review Available

    For the NRC’s New Reactor Program, 2011 was a year of significant progress. By year’s end, we had completed reviews of the first combined license application, one design certification and two design certification amendments. We also started on the first design certification renewal review. In addition, we began addressing substantial policy issues related to the [...]
    • Wed, Feb 1 2012

    NRC’s Blog Celebrates Its First Birthday

    It was one year ago that the NRC unveiled its first foray into social media with this blog. We didn’t know how it would be met – and weren’t entirely sure what we were doing. But we were hopeful the blog would give us a new avenue to educate and inform the public about what [...]