US governor releases report on VC Summer flaws

Bechtel Corp highlighted "significant issues" at the VC Summer project 18 months before construction of two AP1000 reactors at the site in Fairfield County, South Carolina, was scrapped in July. Difficulties, such as flawed construction plans, faulty designs, inadequate management and low worker morale, were outlined in the engineering, construction more
  • This posting notes, in part: On 31 July, Scana Corporation subsidiary South Carolina Electric & Gas (SCG&E) announced its decision to cease construction of the two Westinghouse-designed units at VC Summer.

    Later, as I understood the announcement, this order was withdrawn. What is the current status of construction at VC Summer?

  • Anonymous

    Construction halted July 31, 2017.  The Petition to Abandon the project was withdrawn to allow time for the State Legislature to review the decision. The withdraw of the petition does not indicate any change in the actual status of the project.