Viewpoint: A long future for France’s nuclear fleet?

France set out its energy transition roadmap in the recently proposed PPE plan. Included are challenging targets to gradually reduce the country's reliance on nuclear generation. Pierre George, senior director, and Claire Mauduit-Le Clercq, director, EMEA Utilities at S&P Global Ratings, explain the implications for France’s nuclear future more
  • Anonymous

    France wants to have it both ways - have their cake and eat it too. They want to reduce their dependence on nuclear power's contribution to 50% from 75% while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Presumably, they will replace that 25% with mostly renewables, which are intermittent. But as we have learned in this country, nuclear power is best base-loaded and does not sit well technically and economically cycling up and down with the rapid power production changes brought about from wind and solar variability. Which probably means backing up renewables with fast starting gas turbines. France is not going to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by reducing nuclear power and using more natural gas generation, plain and simple.