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Canberra Osprey w/Bicron 3x3 Scintillation Detectors

$12,500 / ea

Slightly used for about 5 months on a field project. Kept in lab for counting soil samples.

The Osprey® is a high-performance, fully integratedmulti-channel analyzer (MCA) tube base that contains everything needed to support scintillation spectrometry. Designed for both laboratory and field use, this one compact unit contains a high-voltage power supply (HVPS), preamplifier and a full-featured digital MCA. Osprey can be controlled through either USB or Ethernet with no need to purchase two separate units - an industry first. USB or Ethernet, there is only one cable connecting the Osprey to the control and data acquisition system. With software, shielding & detector  stands and computers for both systems. Easy to transport.



EG&G ORTEC field portable gamma spectrometer. This system consists of a detector by which samples are analyzed. The EG&G ORTEC gamma spectrometer is used for field and laboratory screening of environmental samples to calculate concentrations of radionuclides.

Canberra High-purity Germanium (HPGe) Detector Model GC/S2623


Germanium detectors are semiconductor diodes having a p-i-n structure in which the intrinsic (I) region is sensitive to ionizing radiation, particularly x rays and gamma rays. Under reverse bias, an electric field extends across the intrinsic or depleted region. When photons interact with the material within the depleted volume of a detector, charge carriers (holes and electrons) are produced and are swept by the electric field to the P and N electrodes. This charge, which is in proportion to the energy deposited in the detector by the incoming photon, is converted into a voltage pulse by an integral charge sensitive preamplifier.


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Additional Field Lab Instrumentation 

Canberra detector model GC/s2623 $12,500

Field Instrumentation List

Model 2929
Model 2350
Model 3
Model 9
Probe 43-5
Probe 43-68
Probe 44-2
Probe 44-9
Probe 43-89

Fiddler 44-213
Electra GM
full GPS kit
Surveyor M

Gil Air Equipment
gil air-5 (batteries needed)
universal gil air charger
z con charger 
gil filter hose and kit

Insutrument Cables & Mylar
a to a       3' long
a to a       5' long
a to a       10' long
c to c        3' long
c to c        3' long
c to c        20' long
MHV cord
Ludlum instrument power cords
Mylar AG-3s 
Mylar EJ 444L-3.12x6.67x010ZN
Mylar 4393-043
Mylar 40-4111 (2-layer Mylar)
Mylar 43-68 face
Mylar 43-89
Mylar 43-5 (face)
Mylar 44-9 (protective scrn)

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