Detox And Remove Toxic Heavy Metals Including Radioactive Heavy Metals Safely From The Body With Natural Zeolite In Micronized Powder Form

If you need to detox your body to remove toxic heavy metals and or heavy metal radioactive isotopes from the body, our Clinoptillalite zeolite in micronized powdered form for human consumption will do the best job to safely remove these contaminants that include lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, uranium, radium and other radioactive heavy metals. The detox is very easy to do! If you have been exposed to accumulative heavy metals and or radioactive heavy metals, you really should do this detox! Its also a very good idea to keep a stock of our zeolite on hand in case if a radioactive event where radiation is released into the air, ground or water to contaminate you, your family or co-workers. See our informative website at or call us toll free at 1-888-578-7324 or call direct at 561-629-5618. NOTE: We also sell by the case to other companies for resale use!

NOTE: Clinoptilalite zeolite has been used for many years to safely remove toxic heavy metals and radiation from the body! The Russians fed it baked in cookies and brownies to children to detox the radiation from their bodies with great sucess during and after Chernobyl! Much of our zeolite has gone to Japan and all over the world because of Fukushima! Its amazing that many people are still not aware of the detox abilities of zeolite! The reason is its because the FDA only lists potassium iodide for radiation. The problem is, potassium iodide has to be taken before you are exposed to radiation and it only protects your thyroid gland for a short period of time!  If you become contaminated with radiation due to a release or terror attack you need to get it out of your body FAST to avoid sickness and DNA damage! Stay Safe! Be Prepared! Go To

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