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Market Focus is Market Strength. Our resumes are from personnel who either want to start to work in the nuclear power industry or who are working in the industry and would like to locate a new opportunity within the industry. This makes your job of locating qualified and experienced nuclear personnel much easier and faster than searching through thousands of resumes at other resume banks for candidates who possibly might not want to work in our industry.

Below is a list of job categories with the number of resumes listed in the database. Each candidate indicated which job category or opportunity they are interested in pursuing. Search the Nuclear Street Resume Database by position, name, or search term.
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Accounts Payable8
Accounts Receivable 7
ALARA Engineer28
AOV Engineer8
AOV Technician23
Application Engineer8
Architectural Designer4
Architectural Drafter2
Asbestos Worker7
AutoCAD Designer24
Auxiliary Operator75
Bench Technician8
Boiler Engineer5
Boiler Technician9
BOP Engineer11
Business Analyst17
Business Development44
CAD Designer28

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