Electrical Malfunction at Limerick Plant Prompts Shut Down

An electrical malfunction on the non-nuclear side of Exelon's Limerick power plant has caused one reactor to be shut down.

Exelon said the malfunction occurred at approximately 8 am Thursday morning and caused the power to go down in one of the suburban Philadelphia plant's main generator cooling pumps. In response, operators shut down Limerick's unit 1 reactor so the problem could be fixed.

"The reactor was manually scrammed (shut down) by plant operators after an electrical breaker tripped, followed by a main turbine runback and both of the plant’s reactor recirculation pumps tripping," site communications manager Dana Melia said in a release.

There was no risk to the public, officials say. The unit will stay offline until the cause of the malfunction is determined and the necessary repairs are completed. 

The station's second unit is operating at full power.