Brown's Ferry Unit 3 Scrammed Due to De-Energization of RPS

At Brown's Ferry on Tuesday, the Unit 3 reactor was automatically scrammed due to de-energization of Reactor Protection System (RPS) from actuation of 3A Unit Station Service Transformer (USST) differential relay 387SA, resulting in a loss of 500KV power to Unit 3, according to an NRC report.

Investigation is in progress as to the cause of relay actuation. 500KV power was restored through the alternate feeder breakers from 161KV to all Unit 3 4KV Unit Boards successfully. 161KV remained available during the entire event. Loss of 500KV power lasted less than 30 seconds and power has been restored to all safety related boards. All Unit 3 diesel generators successfully started and tied to their respective 4KV Shutdown Boards.

All safety systems responded as expected to the loss of 500KV power. No Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) or Reactor Core Isolation Cooling (RCIC) reactor water level initiation set points were reached. RCIC was manually started to control reactor water level. Primary Containment Isolation System (PCIS) and PCIS initiation signals for groups 1, 2, 3, 6 & 8 were received as designed. At the time of the scram, High Pressure Coolant Injection (HPCI) system was tagged out for removal of temporary instrumentation following planned maintenance.