Pilgrim Plant Shut Down After "Reduced Condenser Performance"

Officials say Entergy's Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth has been shut down after a condenser at the station lost vacuum pressure during a cleaning, officials said.

Officials said the incident happened at about 1:10 p.m. on Tuesday with the plant was operating at about 30 percent capacity.

Neil Sheehan, spokesman for the NRC, told The Boston Globe that the condenser operates in a vacuum to maximize efficiency.

NRC inspectors at the plant “did not identify any safety concerns or performance issues,” Sheehan said. “They will follow the company’s efforts to troubleshoot the cause of the loss of condenser vacuum and any corrective actions.”

The plant will remain shut down until investigators determine what caused the problem, Entergy spokesman Rob Williams said.

“The technicians are now investigating the cause of that reduced condenser performance,” Williams said. “As we do with every shutdown, there will be a comprehensive investigation to look into what caused the condenser performance issue.”