• Fri, Apr 13 2012

    Entergy Restarts Indian Point 3 Power Plant

    Entergy has returned the Indian Point 3 reactor to service Thursday after deactivating it Wednesday to reconnect the auxiliary transformer, according to a release. Before the shutdown, the unit had been operating since March 1 after being taken out of service on Feb. 29 to disconnect the transformer for a precautionary repair. The auxiliary electrical transformer takes electricity from the plant’s main electrical...
    • Tue, Apr 10 2012

    EDF Restarts Sizewell and Hartlepool Reactors

    UK-based EDF Energy has restarted output from two nuclear power plants, with a combined generation capacity of 1,200MW. EDF said its 600-MW Sizewell B1 reactor returned to service several days ahead of schedule on Sunday after an electrical fault automatically shut the site's reactor and turbines on March 2. The company's 620-MW Hartlepool 1 reactor resumed outputting power on Tuesday following a manual...
    • Tue, Apr 10 2012

    FirstEnergy Shuts Down Beaver Valley Reactor For Maintenance

    FirstEnergy Nuclear Operating Company (FNOC) - a subsidiary of FirstEnergy - has shut down its 911 MW Unit 1 reactor at the Beaver Valley plant for scheduled refueling and maintenance. Inspectors will perform preventative maintenance and 65 of the reactor's 157 fuel assemblies, according to spokesperson Jennifer Young. The inspections include the unit's high pressure turbine, main electrical generator and...
    • Mon, Apr 9 2012

    Palisades Nuclear Plant Goes Offline for Maintenance

    The Entergy-owned Palisades nuclear plant went offline Sunday at 10:26 am for scheduled refueling and maintenance. During the shutdown, 64 new fuel assemblies will be placed in the reactor. Other major work includes an inspection of the reactor vessel head, replacement of five control rod seal packages, an inspection of the moisture separator and re-heater heat exchangers, and an inspection of the plant’s two...
    • Mon, Apr 9 2012

    Non-Radioactive Leak Causes Shutdown of Oconee Unit 2 Reactor

    A small leak in the non-radioactive cooling system has caused the Oconee Nuclear's Unit 2 reactor to shut down for repairs Friday. The situation is classified as a non-emergency and the plant is operating safely, according to a report filed with the NRC . The leak was discovered in February in a pump motor in a closed water system that acts like a radiator to circulate water and remove heat from some components...
    • Fri, Apr 6 2012

    Penly Unit 2 Nuclear Reactor Shuts Down After Fires

    Penly - a French nuclear reactor owned and operated by EDF - had its 1,330-megawatt Unit 2 reactor automatically shut down after two small fires broke out in the plant Thursday. The fires were caused by hot oil leaking from a pump inside the reactor building, an EDF spokeswoman said, quoted by Reuters news agency. According to the EDF, No one was hurt and the incident had "no consequences for the environment...
    • Fri, Apr 6 2012

    Power Restored at Catawba Nuclear Plant

    Power was restored at the Catawba plant Thursday afternoon, according to the NRC and plant owner Duke Energy. On Wednesday, the plant declared an unusual event when the Unit 1 reactor tripped offline due to a loss of power . There was no radiation released and no impact to plant workers or the public after power was lost, the NRC said.
    • Thu, Apr 5 2012

    Catawba Unit 1 Nuclear Reactor Trips Due to Power Loss

    Catawba Nuclear Power Plant's Unit 1 reactor tripped offline Wednesday due to a loss of power, according to an NRC report. The incident was declared an "unusual event" by operators, but the warning was cancelled five hours later when power was partially restored. The trip was at no time a threat to the public, according to the report.
    • Wed, Apr 4 2012

    EDF Restarts Hinkley Point Nuclear Reactor

    After an unplanned outage on March 27 due to a gas circulator earth fault, EDF Energy has restarted its Hinkley Point B-8 nuclear reactor, National Grid data showed on Wednesday.
    • Wed, Mar 28 2012

    Salem 2 Nuclear Plant Back Online

    The Salem 2 plant at the Public Service Enterprise Group Inc. and Exelon Corp. nuclear power plant in southern New Jersey is back online. Four days ago, the reactor automatically shut down after an electrical problem its non-nuclear side caused a turbine trip. Salem 2 is one of three reactors operated by PSEG Nuclear at its Artificial Island Complex. The other plants were not affected by the problem.