How to calculate fuel and O&M Cost

"For a typical 1,000 MWe BWR or PWR, the approximate cost of fuel for one reload (replacing one third of the core) is about $40 million, based on an 18-month refueling cycle. The average fuel cost at a nuclear power plant in 2008 was 0.49 cents / kWh.",-This%20is%20the&text=For%20a%20typical%201%2C000%20MWe,2008%20was%200.49%20cents%20%2F%20kWh.

How do they calculate this .49 cents / KWh? When I do it for a 586MW nuclear plat I get trillions of dollars a year, but this says it costs around 40M every 18 months. What am I missing? how do they calculate it? I need to do the same for O&M.

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