California Rolling Blackouts

Thanks to all the men and women on the job today in California at Daiblo Canyon Nuclear Plant providing inexpensive carbon free power.  If San Onofre Nuclear Plant was operating today maybe you wouldn't be having those irritating rolling blackouts during this warm weather of August 2020.

PG&E customers should be ready for higher electric bills to pay for new solar panels, peaking batteries, and wind turbines.  When Diablo Canyon Unit 1 is decommissioned in 2024 natural gas will be called upon to provide the difference to the grid.  Thanks PG&E customers for paying more to stay even and dumping even more carbon to hasten climate change.Tongue Tied

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  • Thanks to the men and women at Palo Verde too! Those System 80 units seem to keep chugging along. The people at CE knew what they were doing 40-years ago. Too bad Wall Street sold this company and basically dismantled it.
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