Diablo Canyon Outage Worker Housing Available Aug. 1 through November

We have a small cottage with a full kitchen on our rural property 4 miles from Arroyo Grande, CA. Village and 17 min from Diablo Canyon . Currently renting as AB&B but we love our outage workers! Available Aug 12 thru November. Fully furnished, utilities paid. Suitable for one person or couple. One pet accepted. $2000 month. Contact Mary at 805-440-7645 by phone or text or email Luvlamas@gmail.com

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  • Anonymous
    My name is Jeff. I'm in NC and will be coming to Diablo Canyon Aug 28. Am interested in your cottage. I've always used hotels and am not familiar with procedure but, none the less would like more information and pics of property. My phone no. is 828-308-9560 e-mail jpsaun@msn.com
    Thank you
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