• How can the Nuclear Power Industry improve its public image?

    • 5 ideas
    • Tue, Mar 31 2015
    We all know the Nuclear Power Industry needs help with its public image. What are some ideas on how to accomplish this? Is it through a massive advertising campaign like the American Petroleum Institute’s Energy Tomorrow campaign? Is it fighting back against the anti-nuclear crowd’s rants with factual data that supports nuclear power? Is it reaching out to the public through the social media channels? Join Nuclear Street today and post your ideas here!
  • What nuclear reactor technology should we use for our future nuclear power plants?

    • 3 ideas
    • Wed, Aug 7 2013
    What nuclear reactor technologies are best suited for meeting the world’s energy needs? Do we just need the high energy outputs from the larger plants such as the AP1000’s or will the small modular reactors meet our needs? What about the deferent types of nuclear fuels to consider? What other factors do we need to consider when selecting a reactor design? Post your opinion today!