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Nuclear Power Plant News
    • Thu, Nov 4 2010

    Toshiba Submits Application to NRC to Renew and Amend ABWR Design Certification

    Toshiba Corporation has submitted its application to the NRC to renew and amend the U.S. Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) design certification on November 2, 2010. The current ABWR design certification was issued in 1997 and expires in June 2012.
    • Thu, Nov 4 2010

    STP Unit 2 Declares Unusual Event Following Circuit Breaker Malfunction

    The STP Nuclear Operating Company declared an "Unusual Event" today at 10:38 a.m. when a circuit breaker malfunctioned, which caused Unit 2 to go offline. There were no injuries. The unit is in a stable condition. Unit 1 is unaffected and remains online at 100 percent power. The company exited the Unusual Event at 12:40 p.m. today.
    • Fri, Oct 29 2010

    STP Seeks NRC Approval to Renew Operating Licenses

    Our facility has delivered safe, clean, reliable and low-cost energy to Texans for more than 20 years," said Ed Halpin, President and CEO of STP Nuclear Operating Company STP Nuclear Operating Company has filed an application with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to extend the operating licenses of its two-unit facility an additional 20 years. The extension would allow the two units - with a combined capacity...
    • Wed, Oct 6 2010

    STP Honored as one of America’s Safest Companies

    "Safety is a core value and our top priority, each and every day," said Ed Halpin, STP Nuclear Operating Company President and CEO. The South Texas Project was honored today as one of 12 companies nationally to be named to the 2010 list of America's Safest Companies. STP becomes the nation's first commercial nuclear facility to be recognized in the eight-year history of the award. The award is presented...
    • Fri, Oct 1 2010

    Bloomberg: Japan Bank to Help Finance South Texas Project’s New Nuclear Plant

    The Japan Bank for International Cooperation may lend as much as $4 billion for a nuclear plant project in Texas that would be the country's first state financing for an atomic power station abroad. Government-run JBIC will probably offer a loan provided that the project is guaranteed by the U.S. government, Tadashi Maeda, head of the bank's corporate planning department, said in an interview yesterday in Tokyo...
    • Fri, Aug 13 2010

    Democrat Bill White supports nuclear power, jobs and education for Texas

    "It's a big plus to know that he understands energy and - more specifically - nuclear. He understands clearly that it's an outstanding technology and is incredibly cost efficient," Ed Halpin, president and chief executive officer for the South Texas Project - Edited By Tom Lamar - Democrat Bill White is a supporter of nuclear power. White, former mayor of Houston and candidate for governor,...
    • Wed, Jun 30 2010

    Comanche Peak Considers Adding Two New Reactors

    Earlier this month, the DOE agreed to a $3.4 billion guarantee for the expansion of a nuclear facility in Georgia, and the Obama administration recently asked Congress for more funds to help out more plants. Two proposed nuclear plants in Texas are high on the list of potential recipients. - Edited by April Murelio - According to a reoprt in The Texas Tribune, Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Company says That two new...
    • Tue, May 18 2010

    NRG Energy Reports Record Q1 Results

    Agreement with The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) to invest in Nuclear Innovation North America’s (NINA) STP 3&4 nuclear project - Edited by Stephen Heiser - NRG Energy, Inc. as reported net income of $58 million, or $0.22 per diluted common share for the first quarter of 2010, compared to $198 million, or $0.70 per diluted common share, for the first quarter of 2009. Income before taxes was $123 million...
    • Tue, May 11 2010

    Japan's TEPCO To Acquire Up To An 18% Stake In STP 3&4 For $280 million

    TEPCO, one of the world’s largest operators of nuclear plants, will invest $155 million—through its U.S.-based subsidiary—for a 10% share of NINA Investments Holdings’ interest in the STP expansion, STP units 3&4 - By Stephen Heiser - Nuclear Innovation North America LLC (NINA), the nuclear development company jointly owned by NRG Energy, Inc. and Toshiba Corporation, has reached an agreement with The Tokyo...
    • Fri, May 7 2010

    South Texas Project Unit 2 Back At Full Power Following Safe, Successful Refuel

    Through outstanding teamwork and the implementation of an extensive lessons learned process from a similar outage in Unit 1 last fall, our team shaved two weeks off our outage duration – from 49 to 35 days - By Stephen Heiser - Applying more than 550 lessons learned from a similar outage last fall, STP Nuclear Operating Company safely and successfully refueled Unit 2 and replaced the reactor’s vessel head. STP...
    • Tue, May 4 2010

    Fluor Gets Three Year Site Services Contract For PG&E’s Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant

    Fluor will maintain a total staff for the PG&E Diablo Canyon plant site ranging up to 100-plus craft and professionals. During the peak of annual scheduled outages, Fluor will employ more than 500 - By Stephen Heiser - Fluor Corporation has announced that Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has awarded the firm a three-year site services contract for its Diablo Canyon Power Plant Units 1 & 2 in...
    • Thu, Apr 22 2010

    Fairbanks Morse Engine to Supply Emergency Diesel Generator Sets For STP

    Fairbanks Morse Engine is a leading supplier of diesel generator sets to the nuclear power industry, with a history reaching back to 1968. At present, 39 commercial nuclear reactors in North America depend on Fairbanks Morse diesel engines - By April Murelio - Fairbanks Morse Engine, an EnPro Industries company, announced today that it has been awarded a contract to supply six safety related Fairbanks Morse Colt...
    • Tue, Apr 13 2010

    Labor Agreement Announced For South Texas Project Nuclear Power Expansion

    As amany as 25 million hours of work for as many as 6,000 construction workers over five years - Edited by Linton Levy - Nuclear Innovation North America LLC (NINA), the nuclear development company jointly owned by NRG Energy, Inc. and Toshiba Corporation, has announced an agreement for the Building and Construction Trades Department (BCTD) of the AFL-CIO to provide skilled union labor to construct the two new...
    • Tue, Mar 30 2010

    South Texas Project Begins Unit 2 Refueling Outage;Company Achieves Safety Milestone

    This is the facility’s second consecutive major safety accomplishment. In February 2009, the company reached a Total Safety Industrial Accident (TISA) rate of zero for the preceding 18 months, ranking the facility in the top 10 percent of all U.S. nuclear plants in personal safety. The plant has maintained a TISA rate of zero for 31 months - By Stephen Heiser - The South Texas Project has safely started a scheduled...
    • Fri, Mar 26 2010

    NRC Seeks Public Input On Draft Environmental Impact Statement For South Texas Project New Reactors; Meetings Scheduled

    Nuclear Regulatory Commission staff is seeking public comments on its preliminary finding that there are no environmental impacts that would preclude issuing Combined Licenses (COL) for two new reactors at the South Texas Project site near Bay City, Texas. - Source NRC - NRC Seeks Public Input On Draft Environmental Impact Statement For South Texas Project New Reactors; Meetings Scheduled
    • Wed, Mar 24 2010

    South Texas Project Leads Nuclear Power Industry In Production

    The facility’s units produced 22.43 million megawatt-hours of carbon-free energy last year, enough to power two million homes - Edited by Chris Smith - The South Texas Project produced more electricity in 2009 than any other two-unit nuclear power facility in the nation, and has been the top producer for six consecutive years.
    • Thu, Feb 25 2010

    NRG Energy Reports Q4 Numbers And Record Full Year 2009

    On February 17, 2010, an agreement in principle was announced among CPS Energy, NRG and its subsidiary Nuclear Innovation in North America (NINA), whereby NINA would acquire control of the STP 3 & 4 project, with an increase in ownership to 92.375% from 50% as part of a settlement of the litigation between the parties - By April Murelio - NRG Energy, Inc. for the year end December 31, 2009, reported net income...
    • Fri, Feb 19 2010

    Nuclear Innovation North America Moving Forward With South Texas Project Expansion

    Proposed settlement with CPS Energy maintains strength and momentum of the nuclear expansion - By Stephen Heiser - Nuclear Innovation North America LLC (NINA), the nuclear development company jointly owned by NRG Energy, Inc. and Toshiba Corporation, has reached an agreement with CPS Energy. NINA will increase its ownership in the South Texas Project (STP) units 3&4 and assume full management control for the...
    • Thu, Jan 28 2010

    District Court Rejects NRG's Contract Interpretations; CPS Energy Prepared For Trial

    The judge specifically rejected NRG’s contention, that if CPS Energy were to withdraw from the STP expansion it would forfeit its entire interest in the project - By Linton Levy - After more than a dozen motions filed against CPS Energy by NRG Energy since Dec. 30, Bexar County District Judge Larry Noll, has denied NRG Energy’s motion for summary judgment.
    • Mon, Dec 28 2009

    NINA Responds To CPS Legal Action

    Nuclear Innovation North America Responds to CPS Energy Lawsuit - By Stephen Heiser - Nuclear Innovation North America LLC (NINA) has responded in a legal filing to the lawsuit CPS Energy filed on Sunday, December 6, 2009. “NINA’s goal is to work with our partners to find mutually agreeable solutions, not to file lawsuits against them,” said Steve Winn, NINA Chief Executive Officer. “That said, the CPS Energy...
    • Wed, Nov 25 2009

    STP Unit 1 Now Back Online After Refueling Outage

    Several major plant components were replaced during the outage, including the reactor vessel head, a main transformer, and expansion bellows - By Stephen Heiser - Unit 1 at the South Texas Project nuclear power facility has been refueled and is back online. STP Unit 1 returned to full power operation shortly after 11 a.m. today, following a 49-day shutdown for refueling and maintenance. Several major plant components...
    • Wed, Nov 18 2009

    CPS Energy Gets Pledge From Toshiba To Reduce Nuclear Power Estimate

    Contractors pledged to provide a new, lower cost estimate no later than Dec. 31, 2009 - By April Murelio - According to a report in the San Antonio Business Journal, The San Antonio community should receive a revised cost estimate on the cost of building two new nuclear reactors at the South Texas Project by the end of the year. CPS Energy senior executives said that after their discussions with Toshiba Corp...
    • Wed, Nov 11 2009

    CPS Energy to Meet With Toshiba About South Texas Project Expansion

    The talks will include the chief executives of Toshiba Corp., the lead contractor for STP Units 3 and 4; Toshiba Power Systems, Toshiba’s nuclear power subsidiary; and NRG Energy, CPS Energy’s partner in the STP expansion project - By Stephen Heiser - CPS Energy CEO Milton Lee and Interim General Manager Steve Bartley will travel to Japan Tuesday for face-to-face talks with Toshiba Corp., about the status...
    • Thu, Oct 15 2009

    CPS Board Approves Resolution To Pursue Expansion Of STP Units 3 & 4

    On motion by Vice Chairman Howard, as seconded by Trustee Hennigan, the following motion was passed by a vote of 5-0: - By Stephen Heiser - Official Language From The Corporate Motion: WHEREAS, CPS Energy is an electric and gas utility with an obligation to provide electric service to all of the customers within its certificated electric service territory; and WHEREAS, CPS Energy is deeply committed to conservation...
    • Mon, Oct 12 2009

    Hispanic Chamber Supports CPS Energy’s Investment In Atomic Power

    Rolando B. Pablos is urging the City Council to support CPS Energy’s expanded investment in nuclear energy - Edited by April Murelio - According to a report in the San Antonio Business Journal, San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is backing CPS Energy’s proposal to own a 20 percent to 25 percent stake in the South Texas Project’s two new reactors. The Hispanic Chamber Chairman Rolando B...