• Fri, Apr 10 2020

    Seeking the Good in a Difficult Good Friday

    Today is Good Friday, which is observed around the world. It commemorates Jesus Christ’s sacrifice, his passion, crucifixion, and death.  Right now, all of us are making sacrifices due to the coronavirus with social distancing and stay-at-home orders.  We’re unable to … Continue reading → The post Seeking the Good in a Difficult Good Friday appeared first on Bartnart Crane & Rigging...
    • Mon, Mar 30 2020

    10 Tips for Working from Home

    The coronavirus has forced many of us to start working remotely from home. It is an adjustment, particularly if your spouse and kids are there as well. Still, it’s important to keep a work mindset, even when you’re home.  Here’s some tips. … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Mar 16 2020

    Coronavirus: Stay Calm and Think of Others

    The news about the coronavirus and the mounting numbers of those affected is inescapable and alarming. Schools are closing statewide.  Companies are urging their employees to work from home.  Any event that might draw a crowd of more than 50 … Continue reading →
    • Fri, Feb 28 2020

    Gantries Play Essential Role in Mill Stand Installation

    Barnhart was hired to install four 27-foot tall mill stands weighing 250,000 pounds apiece and several other components at a manufacturing plant in South Carolina.  The site was still under construction and had a foundation that had different levels and … Continue reading →
    • Wed, Jan 29 2020


    Barnhart was hired to remove and replace a reactor at a chemical plant. The reactor was 11’ diameter and 20’ long and the only access was through the roof. The crew also faced a tight setup area for the crane … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Jan 13 2020

    Barnhart Expands Midwest Presence with Purchase of Viant Crane

    Barnhart has expanded into new territory with the recent acquisition of Viant Crane, adding a company dedicated to safety, reliability and performance.      With offices in Wisconsin and North Dakota, Viant focuses on clients in the Northland and Midwestern United … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Dec 23 2019

    Holiday Wishes for a Season of Miracles

    This holiday season, we took inspiration from the movie classic, Miracle on 34th Street, to create this special Christmas message. Enjoy!
    • Thu, Dec 12 2019


    At a national laboratory in New Mexico, Barnhart was brought in to remove a 460,000-pound rotor and transport it across the state to a rail station in Clovis.  First, the rotor had to be removed from the stator housing and … Continue reading →
    • Wed, Nov 27 2019

    Fostering a Giving Spirit

    As Thanksgiving approaches, we have much to be thankful for at Barnhart.  Our 50th anniversary, for one. Who knew that a company that started at a kitchen table with a handful of employees would grow to 45 branches nationwide and 1200 … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Nov 11 2019

    Barnhart’s Custom Rigging System Helps Move Vessel

    Recently, a crew boat bound for Aruba got a lift from Barnhart.  The boat arrived at the Alabama State Docks where it needed to be moved from the water to an awaiting vessel. Premier Bulk Stevedoring, the company in charge … Continue reading →
    • Wed, Oct 30 2019

    Barnhart Wins International Transport Award

    Barnhart received the Overland Transport Provider of the Year at the Heavy Lift global competition on Oct. 15 in Antwerp, Belgium. Continue reading →
    • Mon, Sep 30 2019


    A refinery in Ohio had a problem. A 50-foot-long electrical shelter building had to be transported from one side of the plant to the other, a distance of about a half mile. However, while developing the in-plant transportation plan, it … Continue reading →
    • Thu, Sep 12 2019

    Miniature Crane Highlight of Children’s Museum

    The Children’s Museum of Skagit County in Burlington, Washington has long been a favorite attraction for kids. It features interactive exhibits, including a miniature tower crane, which was donated by Sicklesteel Cranes a decade ago. When the Children’s Museum decided … Continue reading →
    • Fri, Aug 23 2019

    How to Make Shutdowns, Turnarounds and Outages Successful

    The old saying, “time is money,” is never more true than with shutdowns, turnarounds and outages (STOs) requiring cranes and other specialized equipment. Barnhart has extensive experience in this kind of work, so we’ve learned a thing or two and … Continue reading →
    • Thu, Aug 1 2019

    Teamwork and Innovation Win TVA Top Energy Award

    The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) recently won the Nuclear Energy Institute’s Top Innovative Practice award for an inventive method of replacing three school-bus-sized feedwater heater bundles at their Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant. We were proud to work with the TVA … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Jul 15 2019

    Project to Assemble World’s Largest Press Wins SC&RA Award

    A Barnhart project in California involving 40 components and 50 lifts has received a 2019 Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) Rigging Job of the Year award. The award, our 37th since 1992, was in the category of Rigging over … Continue reading →
    • Tue, Jul 2 2019

    Made in the USA

    On Thursday, July 4th, the United States will be 243 years old. Americans will celebrate across the country in traditional ways with backyard cookouts, fireworks and festivities in communities large and small. This year, Barnhart is celebrating a milestone birthday, … Continue reading →
    • Tue, Jun 18 2019

    Tanker Haul Wins SC&RA Job of the Year

    Barnhart recently took home a Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) Hauling Job of the Year award for a project that involved three 644,000-pound vessels, three states, 7,667 man-hours and two months. The three 117′ long tanks started at the … Continue reading →
    • Fri, Jun 7 2019

    Barnhart Purchases Burkhalter Rigging

    Barnhart Crane and Burkhalter Rigging, Inc., of Columbus, Mississippi, entered into an agreement on Friday May 31st under which Barnhart will purchase the majority of Burkhalter’s assets. The two companies have complementary skills and similar paths. Burkhalter, a third-generation family … Continue reading →
    • Wed, May 15 2019

    Barnhart Part of Kentucky Workforce Development Program

    Barnhart is part of an effort to prepare Kentucky’s workers meet growing workforce demands. Currently, the state is facing a shortage of highly skilled workers to fill approximately 115,000 open jobs. Through the InDemand program, a partnership between Kentucky Educational Television and the … Continue reading →
    • Fri, Apr 19 2019

    Barnhart Sets Steeple Just in Time for Easter

    A Catholic church in Utica, Nebraska had been missing its steeple for many years, seventy to be exact. Back in 1949, the steeple at St. Patrick’s Church had been struck by lightning and consumed by flames. In the following decades, … Continue reading →
    • Tue, Mar 19 2019

    Turnaround Expertise on Display in Refinery Project

    Barnhart has years of experience in successfully performing projects for customers during outages and turnarounds. So when we were hired to remove and replace a T-805 tower during a turnaround at a refinery in Texas, it was a project that … Continue reading →
    • Thu, Feb 21 2019

    Innovative Rigging Helps Barnhart Tackle Rooftop Job

    Barnhart was hired to install a 15,679-pound chiller through the top of an 11-story building in Little Rock, Ark. In order to get the proper setup for the crane, the team had to use a public street. This required blocking … Continue reading →
    • Tue, Jan 29 2019


    Hauling oversized cargo is nothing new for Barnhart, so a project to receive and transport a degassing and recovery column from the Port of Houston to a plant site in La Porte, Texas was right in our wheelhouse. The recovery … Continue reading →
    • Mon, Jan 14 2019

    Transport Components 1000 Miles. Repeat.

    Barnhart projects often have a long timeframe of at least several months, but in the case of a recently completed project, the timeline was more like six years. As featured in an article in Waterways Journal, the project to deliver … Continue reading →