"Safer material with Nutrelizes"

I believe all Nuclear waste material should be upgraded to hold or contain substance in a proper format such as a neutralizer material container.I also designed specialized floors for working with nuclear power plants.Walls also, as wells as containers which would ensure the safety of workers as well as public. A controlled air environment as well. I designed the proper sequence to ensure quality as well as safety. I hope your work well be more stable & safe. As well as assuring the best you can give to your consumers, and still make it home safely. When all the proper programs have been sequenced & coded to 100%, and the floors & walls & containers, and programs I have developed in designed meet your requirements & standards, Just let me know if any other issues may be at hand for importance. I will be happy to upgrade any systems programs or make any new designs to maintain proper care of Nuclear Waste energy..Signed K.C Intel

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