Why do YOU support Nuclear Energy?

All of us come to support nuclear power for different reasons. I'm curious, are most "pro-nuclear" because it's supporting your bank account? Or is there a deeper more meaningful reason that you've gotten into the field to begin with? Why are you a Nuclear Supporter?

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    Nuclear power allows you to be independent and not rely on other countries keeping the valve open

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    SMRs will hopefully revolutionize the industry, assembly line Small Modular Reactors will be ubiquitous and immensely valuable because constructing and housing a dozen SMRs at any location will take months- as opposed to the decade it takes to build a regular reactor nowadays disregarding red tape and the other headaches.

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    Nuclear power is clean, useful, and the nuclear science field is constantly progressing and making new discoveries, helping our world to embrace its future.

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    It's actually a bit of a strange question when you think about it. It's on the same level as why do you support aviation, modern medicine, robotics etc. Once you get over the popular, media accentuated, hangups the benefits of nuclear power are transparently obvious.

    Having been brought up anti-nuclear by default, I first really began to change my opinion after completing a course that looked in detail at energy policy options. It quickly became very clear to me that nuclear power had to be an essential part in the mix of any country seriously looking at tackling climate change. Ignoring nuclear, as seemed to be the norm amongst the so-called environmental commentators, was (and remains) pure idealogical drivel.

    I guess you could say that for me that the issue of climate change was the trigger that led to the change, and I am certainly not alone in that regard. However, with increased knowledge came a more holistic appreciation of the technology. I now support nuclear power because it is awesome. From its hostorical roots to its promise for the future, nuclear power is just one of the fundamentally greatest things to ever be developed.

    At a 'meaningful' level support for nuclear is essentially support for the concept of science and innovation  - and seriously, who could be against that! It is the belief that a rational empirical approach will allow humanity to overcome obstacles and create a better society.

    But really that's just fancy window dressing for saying that nuclear power is awesome.

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    6point626 quoted:"But really that's just fancy window dressing for saying that nuclear power is awesome."

    I think that we'll all tend to agree!!! :>

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    I also shared this question in a LinkedIn group that I belong to. A fellow group member shared this:

    Robert Patlovany • It is unambiguously, with no close competitor, the cleanest, safest, healthiest, overall cheapest, most reliable, long term base loaded electric power alternative. At the 80% electric power fraction already achieved by France, it would greatly reduce national costs in blood and treasure to placate 1400-year-old interests traditionally, subversively, and unambiguously dedicated to global domination at the point of whatever sword is available, including the use of premeditated suicidal violence. It is the most useful energy source for base-loading in day for immediate residential, industrial, and commercial loads, and at night for charging batteries in electric vehicles for a truly end-to-end, optimized as much as technologically possible, pollution free transportation infrastructure.

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    Personally I have always found working in the nucelar field challenging.  There is a requirement to apply not only a detail knowledge of your own specilaisim but to also understand the physics and interaction of all disciplines in driving design and safety case.  I am also proud to have been invloved in an industry that not only talks the talk but walks the walk when it comes to safety.

    Equally, as one of the other comments above suggests we need a diversity of generation options to provide a sound energy base moving forward.  Electricity will undoubtedly become the base energy source as our fossil based fuel reserves decline.  Consequently, we need a reliable relatively economic basis for its production, that also provides an ability to be independent of energy imports.  Although it is interesting that the main investors are all based outside the UK, e.g. EDF, whcih is supported by the french government, and the chinese interest in Horizon, etc.

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