Calibrators for 4-20 & 10-50mA loops

PIE has designed a one of a kind 4-20 & 10-50

Milliamp/Voltage Loop Calibrator With Loop Diagnostic - The Model 535. This unit can Read and Source 4-20 & 10-50mA, Power & Measure and simulate 2 wire transmitter. It has the capability to Read and Source Volts with the ability and to drive 1200Ω. The function that makes this unit unique is the built-in 45V power supply. You can now have enough power to stroke the 10-50mA valves & power transmitters. You do not have to drag along a power supply to do you work.

Designed into the unit is high accuracy ±0.025% of reading.

Practical Instrument Electronics,

82 East Main Street, Suite 3.14, Webster, NY 14580


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