Motion Detectors with Warning Strobes and Message Players

Warning Strobes & Lights (Battery Powered)

Reduce your unauthorized entries into High Radiation areas by utilizing Radium's Motion Detector System. Warning indicators can be triggered to flash, illuminate, or strobe BEFORE entry. Motion detectors, strobes, and flashing LEDs are battery operated! Our DC powered Light Rope Systems requires a AC power supply unit that we provide.

The design of the system is optimized for best positioning of the motion detector unit AND the best visual position of all warning indicators. This is achieved by separating the motion detector unit from the warning device. The units are connected by a cable.

Warning Message or Announcement Player (Battery Powered)

A message player is now available for our motion detector units. The player can be used independently or in conjunction with the flashing LED units and strobe lights.


  • Battery Operated
  • Stores messages on a SD Card
  • Record messages in the field using a Pocket PC
  • HUGE selection of amplified speaker systems available
  • (2) Inputs for use with (2) Motion Detector Units
  • (2) Audio Outputs for (2) Amplified Speaker Systems
  • (2) Auxiliary Outputs for optional stanchion gate activation or other accessories
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