Griffolyn Double-Sided Bonding Tape

Our new Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape is constructed of a solid low stretch core film coated on both sides with a clear synthetic rubber adhesive, which is optimal for in-field fabrication and patch work. 
Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape is easy to use
and should be adhered between Griffolyn® layers for best results. Additionally, our customers who use our Griffolyn® heat shrinkable Griff-Shrink™ products will also find value in the Griffolyn® Double-Sided Bonding Tape to adhere and secure layers prior to or after heat shrinking covers with a heat shrink gun.  
Furthermore, this clear adhesive tape is weather resistant to withstand outdoor temperatures and is ideal to complement over-the-road equipment covers, outdoor shipping covers, pallet covers and a thousand other possibilities.

Griffolyn Double-Sided Bonding Tape
Griffolyn Double-Sided Bonding Tape.pdf

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