Nuclear Job Seekers - Submit Your Resume!

Hello Nuclear Job Seekers,

Nuclear Street is adding several new features to help you find a new full time job, refueling outage work, or a new career in the nuclear power industry. 

You can now submit your resume to the Nuclear Street Recruiter and Employer Network. Your resume will be reviewed by the site's recruiters and employers for possible new job opportunities. Your contact and personal information WILL NOT be available to the recruiters or employers WITHOUT your consent. Your work experience, skills, and other non-personal information on your resume will be reviewed and evaluated by the network. If a match is found, you will receive an email from Nuclear Street giving you the opportunity to evaluate the job opening. You can either decide to continue and pursue the job opportunity or decline it. What a great way to evaluate possible new job opportunities.

To submit your resume, go to the Nuclear Jobs section and click the Submit your Resume link on the upper right corner of the jobs list. 

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