SCE Ends Contract With Bechtel

Shaw Group will take over the contract

 - By April Murelio -

According to a report in Union Tribune, Southern California Edison, has terminated its long-standing maintenance San Onofre contract with Bechtel a month before it plans to undertake one of the largest construction jobs in the plant's history.

The Shaw Group will take over the contract.  Nuclear power plant maintenance entails knowledge of systems and procedures to ensure that equipment operates safely and dependably, and meets Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations.

Edison will still use Bechtel to replace two massive steam generators at each reactor, which will entail slicing holes in the massive domes.
San Onofre has been attempting to improve its safety record.

Ross Ridenoure, San Onofre's chief nuclear officer, said Bechtel wasn't removed because it was doing a poor job, but because he believes the Shaw Group is a better choice.

Edison appointed Ridenoure chief nuclear officer about 18 months ago to improve the plant's safety record, and he has hired a team of new managers to help him. 

“Given San Onofre is going to be operating differently from what we did in the past, I thought Shaw was a better fit with the overall strategy of how we're performing at the station,” Ridenoure said.

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