AREVA Delivers Two Steam Generators To TMI

The steam generators arrived safely and on schedule after an eight-week trip that began at AREVA’s Chalon/St-Marcel facility in France

 - By Stephen Heiser -

AREVA is pleased to announce the successful delivery of two Enhanced Once-Through Steam Generators to the Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) in Dauphin County, Pa. on Sept. 30.

The steam generators arrived safely and on schedule after an eight-week trip that began at AREVA’s Chalon/St-Marcel facility in France, where they were manufactured. These technically advanced steam generators were manufactured according to Exelon’s requirements. The replacement steam generators are an integral part of a $300 million investment Exelon is making in the TMI Unit 1 reactor to extend the plant’s operations for decades to come. The trip culminated with a 75-mile journey over land that began Sept. 8 in Port Deposit, Md. and travelled through four counties and 17 municipalities in Maryland and Pennsylvania before arriving at TMI.

“This was the most challenging large-component delivery in AREVA’s history,” said George Beam, Chief Operating Officer of AREVA NP Inc. “Delivering these generators required complex logistics involving government and regulatory agencies in two states and numerous local communities and authorities. We are proud to have played a key role in Exelon Nuclear’s renovation of TMI Unit 1.”

“We are grateful to all of the local towns and municipalities that we have been working with throughout this process. We also would like to thank all the residents and businesses along the route for supporting this historic move. We believe the interest, kindness and hospitality we were shown throughout this event demonstrates America’s desire to produce clean, safe, affordable nuclear energy.”

AREVA partnered with several world-class companies to complete this delivery. Michael Baker, Jr., Inc. provided engineering services; Kinsley Construction, Inc. was responsible for all infrastructure construction and reinforcement; and Fagioli, Inc. transported the two units.
"These steam generators are a symbol of a clean, safe and reliable electricity supply for decades to come for central Pennsylvania," said Joe Grimes, Senior Vice President of Mid-Atlantic Operations for Exelon Nuclear. "AREVA safely steered the steam generators through 75 miles of Maryland and Pennsylvania's terrain, and we appreciate their focus on ensuring the safety of our neighbors along the way. We also thank our neighbors for their tremendous support along the route."

The journey over land required a crew of about 100 on a daily basis and at times the convoy stretched between one and two miles in length. Each steam generator weighs more than 510 tons, measures over 73 feet long and more than 12 feet in diameter. Total weight for each transport with steam generator was about 825 tons and measured 53 feet long, 17 feet wide and 24 feet high.

The route consisted of many narrow, winding roads, up to 14 percent inclines and declines, 51 bridge and stream crossings, and several thousand utility wires and traffic signals that had to be moved or raised in order to provide overhead clearance for the convoy. All crossings and movements were engineered to protect infrastructure from damage and post crossing inspections were done to confirm no damage occurred.

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