Baker Wins 2010 ACEC/PA Diamond Honor Award for Three Mile Island Steam Generator Transport Project

This fast-track project required delivery of the generators in September 2009 to support TMI’s license renewal to continue operations through 2034

 - By April Murelio -

Michael Baker Jr., Inc., an engineering unit of Michael Baker Corporation, was presented with a Diamond Honor Award in the Special Projects Category at the 2010 Annual Awards Dinner by the American Council of Engineering Companies of Pennsylvania (ACEC/PA) in Hershey, Pa.   Baker received the award for its outstanding route planning, and bridge and highway engineering to support AREVA NP Inc.’s delivery of two steam generators to Three Mile Island Generating Station (TMI) at Middletown, Pa. 

This fast-track project required delivery of the generators in September 2009 to support TMI’s license renewal to continue operations through 2034.  The components will help TMI continue to provide domestically produced energy to more than 800,000 homes and the employment of approximately 750 people.

Each steam generator and transporter unit, at 825 tons, 153-feet long, 18-feet wide and 24-feet high, were the largest loads ever transported on Pennsylvania and Maryland highways.  The route to TMI was characterized by its 75-mile length, hilly terrain, narrow rural roadways, and many water crossings.

Baker performed highway and bridge design, environmental investigations, permitting, utility coordination, construction management and transport support services to deliver the engineering solutions needed to safely transport these unique vessels. With nearly 150 stakeholders, AREVA and Baker’s coordination included two state governments and multiple departments of their respective transportation and environmental agencies, state police departments, municipal authorities, utilities, local emergency management agencies and school districts.
The project was performed for AREVA NP Inc., a multi-national energy company accustomed to delivering large scale components.  George Beam, AREVA’s chief executive officer, called this “the most challenging large component delivery in AREVA’s history.”

“This was a fast-track project that used all disciplines of Baker’s civil engineering services,” said John Rorquist, Baker’s project manager.  “The on-time arrival of the steam generators at TMI was the result of one-and-a-half years of intense planning, engineering and permitting work by Baker and AREVA staff members working as a team.  We faced several engineering challenges in which no two solutions were the same. Successful application of the solutions allowed the move to be executed just as it was designed.”

"This is the fourth steam generator transport project that we have completed with Baker," said Edoardo Ascione, President of Fagioli, Inc., which provided specialized transportation equipment and staff to move the loads.  "We have relied on Baker's engineering and permitting experience to help us deliver eight units to nuclear power plants in the last eight years. This was a team effort to deliver these units to TMI." 

The transport received widespread public and media attention over the 15 days needed to travel the route.  Spectators lined the route on a daily basis, and there were numerous television stories, more than 100 print articles and more than 28,000 hits to the AREVA project website.

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