Dresser Masoneilan Replaces Turbine Bypass System For Crystal River Nuclear Power Plant

Air Operated Turbine Bypass Control Valve and SVI II AP Digital Positioner Round out Solution

 - Edited by Chris Smith -

Dresser Masoneilan has announced that it has completed the turbine bypass system replacement for the Crystal River 3 Nuclear Power Plant in Crystal River, Fla.

Crystal River, an 860 MWE pressurized water nuclear reactor in operation since 1977, is undergoing an extended power upgrade that includes a 20 percent power increase and 180 MWE of additional capacity. After a detailed technical comparison and evaluation, Dresser Masoneilan was selected to provide the valves for the turbine bypass system.

“Project engineers wanted a solution that would enhance efficiency and optimize acoustic performance and steam dispersion,” said Chris Bittner, director of engineering for the Flow Technologies segment of Dresser Inc. “Our Dresser Masoneilan 41000 series valve and downstream sparger help disperse steam evenly into the condenser, reducing overall noise and ensuring uninterrupted diversion of steam to the condenser for continued operation of the generator.”

Dresser Masoneilan has a full scope of products and stringent certifications required for the nuclear power industry. The company’s differentiated technologies, such as the SVI II AP digital positioner, form the ideal control valve solution for general service through severe service applications. Dresser Masoneilan is also able to provide customers with technical expertise and support at the local level through its global network of fully equipped aftermarket centers.

Dresser Masoneilan, headquartered in Houston, Texas, has been the leading global partner in process control valves and solutions for more than 100 years. As a Dresser Inc. brand, Dresser Masoneilan delivers customized products, services and diagnostic solutions for oil and gas, process and power generation applications.

Dresser Inc. is a global leading provider of reliable, highly engineered infrastructure products for the energy industry. Dresser’s highly regarded portfolio of brands includes Dresser Wayne® payment and fueling systems, Dresser Waukesha® natural gas-powered engines and generator sets, Dresser Masoneilan® control valves, Dresser Consolidated® pressure relief valves, and Dresser Roots® blowers and compressors. With locations worldwide, Dresser Inc. serves customers in more than 100 countries.

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