Labor Relations Site Coordinator Appointed for Plant Vogtle Nuclear Plant Construction Project

- Edited Tom Lamar -

The National Joint Labor-Management Administrative Committee – as established under the auspices of the National Nuclear Power Construction Labor Agreement negotiated by the North American Contractors Association and the Building and Construction Trades Department – is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Shawn A. Merrick as the Labor Relations Plant Site Coordinator for the construction of Units 3 and 4 at the Plant Vogtle nuclear electric generating facility in Waynesboro, Georgia.  Mr. Merrick was selected after an exhaustive search of extremely qualified candidates, and brings to this project over thirty years of experience in all phases of Labor Relations – with an extensive level of expertise in project management, jobsite efficiencies, and exemplary safety standards – most recently as a Senior Labor Relations Manager for Fluor Engineering and Construction of Irving, TX.

In his new capacity at Plant Vogtle, Mr. Merrick shall provide leadership and facilitate the highest level of coordination and productivity among employees, unions, contractors and the project owner.  Mr. Merrick shall also be charged with facilitating regular meetings of a tri-partite committee at Plant Vogtle that is composed of representatives of the project owner, contractors and Unions.  This tri-partite committee shall review the practices, processes and procedures being utilized at the site and explore ways to improve project efficiency, facilitate a safe worksite and a cost-conscious environment in order to ensure "on time…on budget" results.  Further, Mr. Merrick will engage with community leaders in and around the Plant Vogtle site in order to establish formal pathways for local citizens to gain access to highly specialized career training opportunities in the skilled trades.

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