New Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Plans Announced

Japan’s Chubu Electric Power Co. announced Thursday that it plans to build a new 3,000-to-4,000-megawatt nuclear plant by 2030.

The announcement dovetails with the Japanese government’s plans for the country to generate 70 percent of its power from zero-emissions sources by 2030. That ratio stands at 34 percent today.

Chubu ElectricAt a news conference Chubu representatives said the company has not chosen a location for the new plant, according to a report by Reuters, and they did not give a cost estimate. The company plans to boost nuclear generation from 14 percent of its output now to more than half by 2030.

Chubu is Japan’s third largest power company and serves customers mostly in the center of the country. Previously, the company announced plans to build another reactor at its 3,504 megawatt Hamoaka plant.

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