Final EIS Moves New South Texas Reactors Forward

South Texas Project investors moved a step closer to building two new reactors at the power plant near Houston after the Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a favorable final environmental impact statement Wednesday.

South Texas Project Photo:NRCIn a release, the NRC indicated no environmental impacts associated with two proposed Advanced Boiling Water Reactors would preclude the agency from issuing combined licenses for them. The reactors now await a review by the independent Advisory Committee on Reactor Safeguards, a final safety evaluation report by NRC staff and a final decision by the 5-member commission.

Nuclear Innovation North America applied for the permits in late 2007, according to an NRC release. Since then, public meetings were held near the Bay City, Texas, site in 2008. More meetings were held after NRC issued the draft EIS last spring.

The South Texas Project currently encompasses two 1410 megawatt pressurized water reactors opened in the late 1980s and operated by STP Nuclear Operating Co., according to the NRC website.

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