South Texas Project Completes Refueling Outage and Returns to Service

The South Texas Project (STP) Unit 1 reactor is back on-line and operating at full power after a scheduled refueling and maintenance outage. The unit returned to 100 percent power on Tuesday, May 10.

STP Reactor Core“Through outstanding teamwork and dedication, our team safely and efficiently completed a large scope of work that prepares Unit 1 to run continuously until its next refueling, about 18 months from now,” said STP President and Chief Executive Officer Ed Halpin.

The unit was taken offline on Saturday, April 2 for scheduled refueling and maintenance. STP mobilized more than 1,100 contractors to assist with major and minor modifications that enhance equipment reliability. Numerous plant systems and components were tested and inspected, and about one-third of the reactor’s fuel assemblies were replaced with new ones.

“Safety is our highest priority,” said Halpin. “Through preparation and planning, our team efficiently worked through a major work scope that included more than 11,000 maintenance, testing and inspection activities. We had more than 1,100 contractor teammates – including many local Matagorda County residents – join us for this outage. We appreciate their support and are proud of each and every team member. They have once again helped our company move to a new level of performance."

STP has maintained a high standard of performance throughout the refueling outage, safely working nearly 360,000 labor-hours in just five weeks.

For seven consecutive years, STP has safely produced more energy than any other two-unit facility in the nation.

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