Shaw Group Renews Contract with STP Nuclear Plant

The Shaw Group Inc. today announced it has renewed a contract with STP Nuclear Operating Company to provide maintenance and modification services, including craft labor management, to operating units 1 and 2 of its nuclear power facility.

Shaw began providing maintenance and modification services to the South Texas Project in 2004, successfully completing nine refueling outages since 2005. Shaw provides maintenance and modification services to 41 of the 104 nuclear power operating units in the United States, including the country’s two largest fleets.

“Our world-class team is aligned with our client, helping them lead the industry in meeting growing energy demands by safely supporting projects that improve plant performance,” said Clarence Ray, chief executive officer of Shaw’s Power Group. “This contract renewal demonstrates Shaw’s long-term commitment to reliably execute work for South Texas Project’s refueling outages, on-line operations, modifications and special projects.”

As part of its scope of work at the South Texas Project, in June 2011, Shaw assisted in the on-site decommission of reactor vessel heads. The original reactor vessel heads were cut and decommissioned on-site before secure shipping to a long-term storage facility. Shaw successfully cut, removed and packed more than 150 elements and securely enclosed the dome of the reactor head.

The undisclosed value of the five-year contract will be included in Shaw’s Plant Services segment’s backlog of unfilled orders in the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2011.

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